Running a PPC campaign is a tough task as you are required to spend considerable amount of time to optimize your campaigns. PPC campaigns are executed in real-time and you have complete control over them through Google AdWords Tool. Setting up a PPC campaign needs lot of research in terms of keywords, Google display site, targeted audience, landing page design, text ads, targeted area and various other elements. Earlier, the dependence on SEO was greater as AdWords only allowed one or two sponsored listings on search result page. However, things have changed now and most of the times you can see three or more sponsored listings on search result page. To achieve a higher position for certain keywords, you need to pay high bidding amount. However, high bid amount is not the only factor required to achieve higher position in sponsored listings of search result page.

Here are some PPC Campaign Optimization techniques that can save you good amount of money and enable you to get higher position even by paying lower bidding amount.

Quality Score:

Quality score is an important factor that affects Ad Rank. If you increase quality score for keywords then it certainly improves Ad rank. Competitive and highly searched keywords should have quality score more than 5. Keyword score more than 5 will provide you higher ranking at economical cost. Many factors that affect quality score includes landing page, text ads, loading time etc. You should maintain a good keyword density of competitive keywords in your Text Ads to improve quality score. Avoid Flash elements and heavy images unless required.

Landing Page:

A landing page should have brief description of your business (services or products offered by you). Adding feature and benefits of your business helps create stronger impact on the visitor. You should show products or services in graphical representation as images helps in easier and faster understanding of the concept. Adding testimonials further helps in conversion as it reinforces the advantages and features your product or services offer.


Always ensure the keywords used in AdWords campaign are not set to broad match. Broad match keywords often result in irrelevant clicks that cannot be converted into Sales. Setting keywords to phrase match works better. Also, specifying negative keywords in the AdWords campaign can prevent your Ad from appearing on irrelevant keywords search results page. All these precautionary measures while deciding the keywords for AdWords campaign will help improve the keyword score and provide you relevant clicks.

Text Ads:

Text ads should have unique feature, offers and services offered by you. The Text Ads should appear unique and not look similar like your competitor’s text ads. Your text ads should effectively represent your business and tell visitors how your business is different than others i.e. unique selling points.

CPA Model:

AdWords Campaign can be eligible for CPA model if it is successful in garnering 15 leads in past 30 days. CPA bidding campaigns prevent irrelevant clicks and gives you high CTR and more leads. If your campaign is not eligible for CPA model, you should select “Search Network with Display Select” Campaign. In such campaign model, your Ads are displayed on relevant networks and sites which gives you more conversions.

Landing Pages:

AB Testing is necessary to check the performance of landing pages. You should create at least 3 landing page to check the performance. AB testing will give you a clear idea as in which type of content attracts the users.

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Anurag Gavde is an active blogger and is a Digital Marketing Expert at SunAura Technologies which is a leading Online Marketing Agency in Mumbai.