It is no wonder so many people are interested in ways to make their car more comfortable…. with many of us apparently spending over 80 minutes a day in it thats a lot of time! We now have many new car assessory products on site which I wanted to let you know about, starting with my favourite the Car Organiser CD Slot Mount.

This Fantastic British Innovation is so new in fact it has only just launched on the UK market. We are very fortunate to be the first distributor to have the Car Organiser CD Slot Mount available and like me you will be wondering how you (and your car) have lived without it! So versatile you can use it to safely hold your Mobile Phone, Sat Nav, coins, CDs and lots more! See the movie below to find out more:-

So now you have a great place to store your coins, Sat Nav, IPod, CDs, Phone and so on…. how does your car smell? If you spend a long time in there this is important!! We have a great range of Car fresheners available – you can now even get that lovely new car smell from your freshener! – far cheaper than buying a new car let’s face it! We have also added a lovely Mint Car Freshener to the site also – we started these balls as an experiment & now they are a best seller! You can fill your car with that wonderful aroma of Fresh Mint, so if you like mint you will love these balls! They are easy to hang in the car and last for months.

Ok, so the car now smells great! How does it look? If you are anything like me your kids will have dropped crumbs all over the back seats from a weekend trip and the dog will have dropped endless hairs in the boot (he is the reason why I especially need the Mint Car Freshener!), so keeping one of these Car Seat Upholstery Sticky Roller Brushes in the glove box or similar is a must!

It really is the very best sticky Roller Brush available! It’s designed to remove Fluff & Pet Hair from Car Seats, Upholstery & Car Floor Carpets and has been manufactured to our exacting specification! With a very long lasting 7.5metres ( approximately 25ft ) of extremely adhesive paper on each roll, it has an easy to use sturdy handle and is the ultimate fluff remover!

With lots more Car Accessories (plus brilliant tips and products to make travelling by Caravan or Motorhome a breeze too) there is something for everyone… visit our Full Range.

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