The press conferences are events that entities, organizations or personalities perform to communicate or clarify certain information to be published through the media. These events do not take much planning time because they are done to express important news of last moment. It is the most effective way to reach the media immediately and that they replicate the news, unlike the press releases, which are sent for other reasons.

Press conferences have a standard format and are generally held in Conference Room NJ either in a hotel or at the headquarters of the convening entity.

The main feature is that one or more speakers make an introduction about the topic to be developed and then present journalists ask the questions they think are appropriate.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when organizing a press conference:
- If you do not have contacts with journalists who might be interested in attending, you should hire a public relations representative or press agent to help you get reporters to your event.
- The speakers should have full knowledge of the communication they want to provide, or at least of their specialty, be well prepared to answer the different questions of the invited journalists.
- Leave corridors free, in front, in the center, and to the sides so that the camcorders of the television channels and the photographers of the graphic press can be located.
- In many occasions, the press conferences are transmitted live by television channels or Internet media. Radio journalists and graphic presses send the material they make or finalize the transmissions. For this reason, one of the needs to be covered for the work of post-conference journalists is to process the information and send it to their media. If you offer wi-fi service, you will help them to communicate quickly with their publishers.
- You should expect to have the required number of chairs in the Conference Room NJ for the reporters invited.
- Try not to be a very open space, but if this is the case, you must have equipment for the amplification of sound (microphones and speakers), so that those on the platform can hear the questions with clarity.
- You can prepare a material with additional information to deliver at the end of the press conference. In that material, you must include the names and positions of the people who provided the conference and contact information for further consultation.
- Hire at least one coffee service, and if you can, include cold drinks and something to eat while reporters wait for the conference to begin.
- The press conferences have a duration of 2 hours. They are usually done early in the morning or in the afternoon.
- If you consider it important, at the end of the press conference, in-depth interviews with some media can be arranged at a Conference Center NJ.

In conclusion, this type of event, is different from the conventional, because of the little preparation time with which it is performed. Just choose to host a press conference at a Conference Center NJ if you need your news to be transmitted immediately by the mass media.

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