Kitchen organization is an art that most homeowners haven’t mastered. It becomes even worse for homeowners if they have small kitchens. A small kitchen can limit your kitchen ideas. It takes a special touch of an interior designer to help in organizing a small kitchen.

However, we also have a few tips that can help you organize a small kitchen. With these tips, you can even install mid-century modern kitchen cabinets in a small kitchen and maintain a good look.

General tips for a small kitchen

• Always keep your counters clear
• Avoid cluttering the kitchen
• Use closed spaces to put many of your kitchen items
• Dedicate space for overflow that you can track and clear later

The goal is to declutter the kitchen as much as possible.

Top ideas for kitchen organization

Here are other ideas that you can use when organizing your small kitchen space.

Use cabinet shelf risers

The top idea is to maximize your storage space by using cabinet shelf risers. If your mid-century modern kitchen cabinets are not enough to store your items, you can use shelf risers to give you an extra shelf where you can store cups, mugs, or separate dinner and salad plates.

Add hooks inside your cabinets

Since all that you need is to declutter your kitchen to make it look neater, you should maximize the space in your cabinetry. Adding hooks can help you find more space to store your kitchen items like potholders or dish towels.

Organize your drawers

With limited kitchen space, you need to understand how precious any space is. You must make the best out of every space that you have, including your drawers. Ensure that it can accommodate the maximum possible items. The only way to assure yourself of this is to keep it organized.

Get rid of plastic bags

Many pantry items come in plastic bags. While it is a great way of saving, you have the task of storing them in your small kitchen. You should transfer these items into containers that can be stored in your mid-century modern kitchen cabinets. You should find the right size of containers that can fit your cabinets.


A small kitchen can also be neat. All that you need to do is to master the art of decongesting your kitchen using some of these ideas shared.

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