"Stopping the internal dialogue" is a modern term meaning the cessation of the thought process through word formation. One can think not only in words, but it is the "verbal mess", according to a number of experts, that is responsible for creating a feeling of anxiety. However, this is not quite true.

It is impossible to stop thinking. Only death can stop thought. If we want to control our mental processes (emotions, desires), then we must strive to gain the ability to control thoughts (but not stop them).

In this respect, thinking in words is no different from thinking in images. Both of these equally affect what we want and how we react to what is happening.

Anxiety is mental instability (a state in which our psyche is in a tense state). To imagine what it is, do the following experiment.

Begin squatting in static-dynamic mode (without muscle relaxation, without fully extending your legs). Very quickly, your thighs will clog and you will feel a lot of tension. Once the exercise is complete, rest for 30 seconds and then repeat. And then again.

As you take the next approach, you will find that your legs begin to tremble. You are no longer able to move smoothly. You can personally observe muscle instability. The same thing happens with the psyche in a state of overstrain.

A person under the yoke of stress factors loses the ability to self-control, breaks down over trifles and is prone to mood swings. He carries these stress factors in himself, because they are his relation to reality.

To stabilize our mental state, it is important for us to understand that our emotions and desires are in direct proportion to the course of our thoughts. That is why they say: "What you think about, so you become ..."

But our thoughts are capable of living their own lives. We can observe them as if they were a muddy stream on the bank of which we are sitting. And this stream flows in the direction in which our attention is directed.

Attention is what can stabilize the movement of our body as we approach muscle failure. Attention is something that is able to stabilize the state of our psyche when we feel an increase in tension.

Thus, in order to overcome anxiety and stabilize your mental space, it is important to learn to work with your attention. If we do not control it, it is controlled by our unconscious. It constantly sends him "there, I don't know where." Attention running aimlessly is thoughts running aimlessly and, as a result, emotional instability.

However, it is impossible to be constantly "here and now", generating significant volumes of voluntary attention. It is too energy consuming process. However, this is not necessary.

Our psyche is like a boulder: it rolls in the direction in which it was pushed. Regular mental training does to the psyche what strength training does to the body. Slowly but inevitably, we develop and improve our resistance to stress. This is true spirit-creation: the development of the power of consciousness for the sake of power over oneself.

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My name is Rudiyr. I was born and live in Russia. I am engaged in giving advice to people on mental health, self-improvement and harmonious development. I am also the author of the course "Philosophy of Practical Natural Science". In it, I consider issues of health, positive energy balance of a person, energy sources for a person (sleep, nutrition, physical activity, creativity) and other aspects that allow a person to live happily.