Though not a medical condition per se, anxiety is a problem that affects 97% of the world’s population, with the degrees ranging from mild to severe. It is a mood condition characterized by emotional, cognitive and behavioral changes that result in an overall unpleasant feeling. Symptoms of anxiety include heart palpitations, tension, nausea, weariness, chest pain or stomach pain. If these symptoms become severe, the condition is termed as an anxiety disorder. Doctors in the United States typically prescribe medicines for what they call panic attacks, a feeling where the person feels that they will pass out or die.

While there are several drugs that are recommended by doctors, there are several natural remedies for anxiety that are helpful in the treatment of the condition, without subjecting your body to drugs that may result in long term side effects, such as a dependency on the drug itself. Some of the best natural remedies for anxiety can be found at home, in your kitchen and will improve your condition if taken regularly. Because these remedies are natural, there are no side effects at all.

  1. Discovery Health suggests a massage with warm oil. If you have sesame oil at your disposal, that is the best but otherwise, you can use coconut or sunflower oil. Heat the oil to make it warm and massage over your entire body including your scalp before your morning bath. Wash off with warm water and your favorite shower gel or soap and you wouldn’t have to worry about anxiety. You can also use this before bed time if anxiety is resulting in insomnia.

  2. Anxiety can also be caused by a severe deficiency of potassium and folic acid. This is common in people who do not take regular meals or survive on processed foods. Taking vitamin and mineral supplements is one of the natural remedies for anxiety. Otherwise, include foods such as onions and celery in your diet.

  3. Though not among natural remedies for anxiety per se, talking about the condition with a friend or a family member can help you feel better. Think of this as a way out from taking medicines which do more harm than good in the long run.

  4. Smell an orange! A lot of people find the aroma of an orange to be very calming. Keep a bottle of orange essential oil handy, either in your bag or at home. Adding a drop of orange essential oil to bath water can also help you feel better. You can choose any essential oil that you like.

There are several natural remedies for anxiety that can help you feel better. Some people like to take a jog while others listen to music to feel better. Anxiety is a natural body reaction towards any uncomfortable situation and it is not something permanent. In any case, treatment is possible but following natural remedies for anxiety can help you in finding a natural solution for the problem. A lot of physicians now prefer to provide natural remedies for anxiety to their patients, reserving medicines and allopathic treatment for severe anxiety only.

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