Countless problems such as writer's block might arise as you are writing your thesis or dissertation, so the following are simple ideas to help you jump over hurdles that you may encounter during the writing process.

Writer's Block
Take a short break from working. Panicking and concentrating on your lack of progress is not productive! Talk to someone who can help you, and try to relax; an answer to your problem will likely emerge.

You may get burned out if you go into your writing project without first coming up with a realistic and firm schedule of goals. You might have just spent ten consecutive hours writing, but this time could have been psychologically counterproductive in the long run if you haven't set realistic goals for yourself. You can avoid burn out by writing only short sections at a time and by keeping your ultimate goal in mind: earning your graduate degree.

Procrastination is perhaps the most deadly of collegiate sins, but you can avoid procrastination by developing a dissertation schedule early on in your thesis or dissertation process. Do an even amount of work in the beginning and end of your timeline to prevent costly writer's block hitting you at the worst of times. Examine your personal tendencies, and reduce your exposure to distractions and other things that cause you to avoid your work.

Lack of Motivation
Whenever you get bored with your writing, think about all the rewards of your graduate education. Besides the obvious long-term financial benefits, remember that your education and your dissertation or thesis will greatly improve your chances for success in the long run.

Failure to Seek Help
Never become too shy or proud when you encounter a problem. Schedule appointments with professors and peers, and don't be ashamed to admit that you have encountered problems or writer's block. You can find other articles on this website about where and how to ask for help.

Lack of Confidence
Don't downplay your abilities and achievements that have helped you climb this far on the academic ladder! You are what you think. In other words, if you go into writing your dissertation or thesis thinking that you will encounter writer's block and ultimately fail, then your predictions will likely come true. However, if you believe in yourself and maintain a positive attitude, then you will be successful and will produce rewarding results in your writing.

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