Overcoming the fear of the unknown is a challenging endeavor, but it can be done. If you suffer from a fear of uncertainty, understanding what fear is, and how it affects you, can start you on the road to conquering it.

Fear has been defined in several ways; however, the most basic definition of fear is an emotional response based on the fact that we're faced with something unfamiliar or impending danger.

When we experience fear, several psychological and physiological responses take place all at the same time.

Psychological events include feeling emotionally overwhelmed, having high levels of anxiety, and even feeling terrified. Physiological responses include a faster heart rate, shallow breathing, and similar effects.

Experiencing fear can greatly impact your view on life, your confidence levels, and even the potential that you have as an individual.

Below is an example of a woman who feared that everything she did would only end in failure:

Jenny enjoyed success in both her professional and private lives. People seemed to be drawn to her as well as to the ideas she would have, but inside Jenny was in a mess.

Jenny would completely immerse herself in any projects that she was working on. Invariably they would be successful but still, inside Jenny was consumed with worry about failing or that the project simply wouldn't suffice.

Generally she realized that this crippling fear was irrational but she had grown up in an abusive home. She had been physically beaten and continually ridiculed by her father so that no matter what she did she just could not meet his expectations.

She grew up to be a workaholic and would struggle to complete several things at the same time. This meant that Jenny wasn't left much time for herself.

Jenny's fear of failure was rooted in her childhood. Because of her father's unrealistic expectations and the mental and physical abuse she endured whenever she failed to meet those expectations, Jenny was suffering as a result. When she comprehended this about her past Jenny was then able to lessen her own personal expectations and thereby conquer her fear.

Here are some strategies that you can implement to help you overcome your fear:

1. Recognize your fears - When you understand that you are afraid you can get to the bottom of what you are afraid of.

You might even fear facing your fears. This fear is conquered by accepting the facts behind what is causing this limited happiness in your life.

You could find that you are afraid of failing or taking risks. You might even be afraid simply because you lack self-confidence.

Whatever the issue may be it is vital that you recognize your fear and then work toward defining what it is that so scares you about the unknown. What is essential is that you do not dwell on the fear but instead attempt to understand precisely what you are worried about.

2. What is the underlying cause of your fears and how do you identify the cause? You need to look at your life with an insightful attitude as this often shows the answer. When you recognize what is causing your fears it is more possible for you to overcome them successfully.

3. Facing your fears - When you accept your fear and you have identified the root cause then you are ready to overcome it! The most effective way of doing this is to confront it head on.

Decide to purposely tackle your fear by indulging yourself in activities that will force you outside your comfort zone. For instance, you can put yourself in a place where you are safe and yet uncomfortable, or you could confront someone from your past but do so respectfully. Ultimately you will discover that you can overcome your fears by tackling them one by one.

Conquering your fear of the unknown is not easy but if you put in the time and effort to use these three steps you will find that you will enjoy peace and joy in your heart.

The very process of unlocking the chains that bind you to your fears will give you a sense of freedom that you have never experienced before.

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