Basically there are two emotions in life. All our actions and doings are controlled by one of those two emotions - love or fear. Only two because while one serves you the other does not. In other words, one feels good and the other feels bad. They are on the same specter, but on different sides.

I want to speak with you about fear which surely is the greatest obstacle in our lives.
Have you ever wanted to do something, but couldn't because of your mental block? Im sure that I have. My whole life was surrounded by fear and insecurities. It seemed like I was not able to accomplish anything in my life.

My past fears.

I was afraid to communicate with people, not just afraid but terrified. I spent most of the evenings on family meetings, birthdays or parties in my own room.
I was scared being in public places.
I just couldn’t open my mouth when I had something good to say.
I was afraid to make my own decisions.
I wanted to try new things, but because of my fears I just couldn't.

As you can tell I absolutely disliked myself, and while most people would regret their past, I love every single moment of it, because it has made me a person I am now.
So let me share my experiences on how to get rid of these mental blocks that we have.

For me it wasn’t easy. I started turning my life around when I was about 19, but the real shift started year after, when I started reading books about life, our purpose in life, and laws of the universe. I studied every day the materials that would help me realize who I really am. In time I began to understand what life really is, and that there is nothing in this world that a human being wont be able to accomplish.
Finally I started going out more and communicating with people. Sure, at first it seemed stupid and really hard, but in time I gained more confidence and belief, so I started to really like it. I had transformed my life and I am still improving.

Don’t resist situations.

I know that everything that is new to us, brings forward fear. We become scared and in every way try to avoid it, or bring up excuses. In this way the fear will become something that is very difficult to let go of. If we decide to do nothing about it, it stays with us.
Most people run away from uncomfortable situations and this is why fear follows them for the rest of their lives.

Fear cannot be removed just by thinking, but by going through the situation with courage.

We feel bad when there is a mental block in the way of our desires, it drains the energy out of us, and holds back our actions. It is like trying to drive a car with a handbrake applied.
Every time we resist a situation or a new opportunity, fear grows stronger within us, and eventually it conquers every cell in our body. So remember that every time you resist, the fear will intensify.


This emotion of fear does not serve us, and bring us any good. What you have to do is to become fearless in mind, and act with courage. I know that its easier being said than done, but this is really all you got to do. When you understand the laws of the universe, you will realize that there is absolutely nothing to fear, and you can become and do whatever you want.
I know many people, who live by the motto: “Feel the fear, and do it anyway.” Be one of these people.
As I mentioned earlier, every new situation brings uncomfortable feelings. What you want to do is not to battle those feelings, but instead welcome these feelings and look around you. Realize that nothing bad really happens, and every problem and situation has its solution.

Comfort zone

John Maxwell once said: “If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.” I absolutely love this quote. If you want to be successful in life, you have to have courage to change your life. Change your current beliefs and step out of your comfort zone. I agree that it feels good to be in a place where you feel comfortable, but as long as you stay in one place and wait for better days, you are all that you ever going to be.
Know that being out of your comfort zone is a good thing, because if you want to do something, and wait for the right time, all you are doing is wasting your valuable time.
Just go out and make things happen, go make your dreams come true, for what else dreams are for?


Don’t fear failure, because you cannot fail as long as you keep trying.

Write down on a piece of paper that you are confident, fearless and great person. Read and feel it every day and until these personalities are attached in your subconscious mind.

Know that fear is complete opposite of that who you are, it can break you down.
Instead choose love for all of your actions and thoughts. Learn to love yourself and don’t waste time looking back at your past.

Act with courage and learn from the situation. The more you apply courage, the more you will love your life.

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Hello! My name is Indrek Kerbo. Teacher and also a student of wide variety of self development materials. I have a lot of experience from which I have learned much. I meditate and lucid dream daily and find the human mind very powerful tool. I have a new website where new contents are being uploaded weekly I also have a facebook page, feel free to connect with me.