How to overcome negative thoughts
How to overcome negative thoughts? Well first, I am sure that most of you have experienced a situation where you are overly excited about a certain goal and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to obtain that certain something, whatever it might be, but the people around you or are close to you seem to be very skeptical and downright non supportive. At first you might say to yourself "they're just over-thinking" but due to the massive amount of hardships you were going through, you eventually decide that they might just be right, right?


Why would you want to waste the possibility of you achieving something that others thought were impossible but YOU believed in yourself enough that you might just be able to do it? Why would you want to let them pull you down to their "safe, secure zone"? When you are aiming for your goals in life, there are bound to be difficulties and hardships, but that certainly does not mean its not achievable.

I'm not sure if you can relate to this if you've never watched wrestling but I'm just going to assume that you have. There is this one type of match called "Hell In A Cell" (I probably got the name wrong, its been years since I last watched wrestling) where a group of wrestlers are put together inside the ring surrounded by a wall of. There is only one rule to the game, whichever wrestler that manages to climb up the wall and get through to the other side wins the game. If you get pulled back down while you were climbing, you'll find yourself back in the ring with a bunch of other wrestlers beating each other up.

You see, the game of life is very similar to this one, whenever someone who believes in themselves enough tries to go after success, there are always a bunch of "wrestlers" who will try to pull you back down, back to the "beating each other to the pulp" ring. But really, the key to really win this game is to persevere long enough and keep pushing for the goal, in this case, to get to the other side of the ring.

How to overcome negative thoughts, the conclusion

Overcoming negative thoughts is not easy, I know how hard it is when almost everyone close to you are constantly trying to convince you that the thing you want to achieve is not possible. My advice to you is this, try to associate more with positive people, surround yourself with the people who are supportive and wants to see you succeed. How do you find these people? It is really simple, by keep on doing whatever it is that you have to do to achieve that particular goal that you want.

You'll start to notice that there are actually a lot of people who are ready to be supportive of you. If you believe in yourself enough you'll find a strong reason why you choose to do it and eventually those people who are not supportive will learn to adapt. How to overcome negative thoughts? Simple. Just keep on doing the things that you think is right and never allow yourself to give up.

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