How To Overcome Nervousness In Public Speaking: How To Get Over Public Speaking Anxiety

Practice can often help people to become successful at public speaking and so many people choose to join organizations such as Toastmasters. There are also many simple exercises that people can perform to help them become more confident at public speaking.

Top 10 Fears in America
Many people fear public speaking and it's been said that often, people fear public speaking more than death itself. Below are the top 10 fears of Americans according to a February 2001 Gallop Poll of 1,016 respondents.

1. Snakes - 51%
2. Speaking in public - 40%
3. Heights - 36%
4. Being closed in a small space - 34%
5. Spiders and insects - 27%
6. Needles and getting shots - 21%
7. Mice - 20%
8. Flying on a plane - 18%
9. Dogs - 11%
10. Thunder and lightning - 11%

Say, maybe that's why the movie, "Snakes on a Plane" made for such a great horror movie - LOL!

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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Release Your Fears with ZPoint
ZPoint is also very effective at helping people overcome public speaking fears. This energy clearing technique is a remarkable process that works at a very deep level of the subconscious mind. The process uses a cue word and when you repeat your cue word like a mantra after the practitioner repeats various statements, you release deeper and deeper layers of upset and eventually peel away all the layers of the "onion" of anxiety.

Picture Them in Their Underwear
Last week, my ten year old son had to do a school presentation on Medieval Monks. The morning of the presentation, he expressed that he felt anxious about presenting to his class. I had taken him through the ZPoint process before and so I suggested he repeat his "cue word" silently to himself several times while he focuses on his nervousness before he does his presentation. Then, I suggested that once he gets in front of the classroom, he could always try picturing everyone in the underwear which of course made him laugh.

Results from using ZPoint to Clear Public Speaking Fears
The end of the school day arrived and as I was walking home from the bus with my son, I asked him how his presentation went. He said, "Mum, I did what you said, I repeated my cue word before I had to get up in front of the class and I felt fine when I got up there. I didn't feel nervous at all and didn't even have to picture anyone in their underwear! And, everyone liked my presentation, even my teacher." I love how quickly and effectively energy techniques work with children. If only I knew about this stuff when I was his age.

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Along with the frustrating effects anxiety brings into its victim's life comes consideration of seeking help from shrinks and drugs. This is common to those people who have gone too tired of having the same battle against anxiety every day.

Drugs fool users with how it could take away the pain for quite sometime. However, it doesn't really give an assured complete healing. Oftentimes it results to drug dependency in the part of anxiety attack victims. Shrinks on the other hand take so much of your time and finances for they usually require you to visit them in a regular basis and they oblige you to pay them high amount of fees. These two options obviously hassle you rather than solve your anxiety attack. Why even bother yourself from all of these downsides when you have a much better option with Natural Therapy.

Natural therapy doesn't call for a professional help. Instead it calls for your own determination and commitment towards maintaining this whole plan all through your life. With an unbalanced nervous system as the main cause of these anxiety attacks, it is safe to say that its cure must also deal with our nervous system. Not that we must undergo surgery but a simple lifestyle change will actually be good. Well, it is actually the best option!

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Why is it the best? Basically, because it actually repairs, rebuilds and heals our brain or nervous system. This is what our brain needs in order for it to be free from anxiety attacks.

Good diet, regular exercise and quality sleep are just some of the many effective means of fighting anxiety. Diet which actually refers to food intake is important because it helps regain energy for the body. Protein intake needs to be increased for protein makes rebuilding of our nerves faster. Regular exercise is equally essential because it keeps us physically fit and it eradicates toxins out of our body. Finally, sleep is extremely important. For it is a wonderful means of helping our body rebuild whatever it is that our nervous system have lost.

In addition, there are few things an individual should get rid of once he entertains the idea of solving his anxiety issues. Alcohol and Caffeine for example are substances that greatly trigger anxiety attack. Therefore, it is just right get rid of them if not just lessen it

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Anxiety Attack just like any other health problems has its particular cause. Several factors have been associated to the onset of anxiety attack on a particular person. However, all of these said factors are not actually its real cause.

How important is it to find the real cause of anxiety attack? Well, it is greatly essential for after pointing out the root of the problem. It is only then that a total healing will be acquired. Few factors related to anxiety attack are usually about being faced with difficult situations. Little do we know that the original cause is actually a weak nervous system or brain.

The nervous system or brain just like any other parts of our body also has its limitations. As we keep on abusing our brain and keep leading a poor lifestyle, this will all boil down to health problems such as anxiety attack.

However, anxiety attack sufferers must not worry for this problem has an easy solution. That is a commitment towards a healthy lifestyle which leads to a total healing.

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Your total healing depends on you. You need absolute self-control and self-discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It basically includes having regular meditations which is mentally beneficial, eating healthy food and working out which results to physical progress and taking enough rest and sleep which is helpful to the re-building of nerves in our nervous system.

It is that simple! Believe it or not these so called natural treatments will show you extraordinary results. That is, if you decide to eventually get away from your old lifestyle and welcome a new and better one. A lifestyle that makes you feel better and healthier.

The natural treatments mentioned may sound easy to do but to those who have lived an extremely opposite life before, might find it really hard to even start this whole plan. But the moment they totally free themselves from the usual bad habit they have for long years, they are eventually on their journey towards getting an anxiety attack free life.

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Yes, we know that anxiety is caused by many different factors. However, are we aware of the things that anxiety causes us? We sometimes forget to see these as we think that as long as we treat the disorder, there will have to be no more worries.

Wrong! In fact, the things that anxiety causes us may not easily be rid off. Also, some of them may actually result to more serious problems. These are the things we fail to see, as we became complacent that these can be treated on their own. Could be, but isn't it better to avoid them?

Let us look at some risks that arise due to anxiety. The following are just some of these risks.

o Drug dependence is the act of not being in control without the certain drug. As for example, due to anxiety, some people who suffer from it experience and suffer from insomnia. These patients then try to get rest by using sleep inducing medications, which can also be available over the counter. They use this without a doctor's guide, thus they begin to become dependent on such medications in order to get rest.

o Drug addiction is the farther result of drug dependence. A patient feels as if the amount of drug he or she takes does not have an effect anymore, and thus increases the amount. This patient's body becomes accustomed to the changing amount of medication, and one may eventually end up increasing the amount every certain period of time.

o Due to anxiety, one's health is also at stake. To illustrate this, a lot of patients who undergo anxiety disorders also begin to lose their appetite. Some don't feel like they are getting tired. And some eventually become numb, figuratively and/or literally speaking.

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o Another risk involved is the fact the anxiety involves weakening of mental strength. Thus, indeed, mental health is also at risk due to anxiety. While help can be found with a psychologist's help, it is important that as a patient, you are willing to undergo important therapies if needed just to ensure that you are still having that healthy grip over your sanity.

As far as risks are involved, we need to trace the cause or causes. And if we are to trace the cause or causes of one's anxiety disorder, it will lead us to the original problem.

The four situations and conditions above are just illustration of how serious anxiety disorder can really be, even if one thinks that he or she is already on the "getting better" stage.

The key here in preventing such other situations that can be caused by anxiety disorders is making sure that the original problem is solved. There are other things aside from those mentioned above that can result from anxiety disorder, even after one thinks that the disorder has been treated already. These, as results, are other serious problems that should be given attention, immediate attention if one is already experiencing one, or and also more importantly, preventive attention as it is better that we avoid giving ourselves more sufferings.

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