To overcome Parkinson’s disease & other rigidity autoimmune, practitioners must help patients in ways not yet taught in medical, Chiropractic & Naturopathic Colleges.

If you do the research you will soon discover the only patients who are receiving effective nerve-hormonal, muscular-spinal treatment for Parkinson’s disease are the patients who are taught to put in their own effort at home, to complement the work done by their natural practitioners. Keep in mind that whilst diet, exercise, acupuncture, supplements “& normal chiropractic adjustments & massage“ are nowhere near effective enough to give patients long-term remission, they do help reduce CSF pressure in the cranial vault, or help to overcome Chiari Malformations to help reduce brain fogginess, mental anguish and mood swings.

Furthermore these modalities do not cater for helping patients who have lost their enthusiasm for living and enjoying life, and do not cater for absorption of nutrients obtained from foods consumed in a patient’s diet. Similarly they also do not cater for Negative Muscle Memory, and personal stress and negative perceptions of life that provoke the onset of Parkinson symptoms. Because most medical and natural practitioners don’t know the significance of these subjects in contrast with the onset of Parkinson’s disease, MS and other Rigidity Disorders, they are not included in basic accreditation training, when they should be.


Doctors and neurologists are still being taught, lack of the hormone "dopamine" due to atrophy (death), of the dopamine-producing cells in the Substantia Nigra in the brain stem, and is the cause of Parkinson symptoms. However, many medical journals which are being ignored, offer proof that this is not so, and in my opinion, they are being ignored so drug companies can continue selling dopamine-based drugs. No wonder patients aren’t getting any help. Even simple common sense tells us, “DEATH” of dopamine-producing cells in the substantia nigra couldn’t possibly be the cause of Parkinson symptoms because, if this were the case, the severity of Parkinson symptoms would remain completely constant because if these cells are dead, they couldn’t possibly produce dopamine to stop symptoms from developing. This also means, every time a patient’s symptoms diminish and then return, dopamine producing cells in the substantia nigra would have to quickly come back to life and produce dopamine, then die off, then come back to life, etc, etc,. This is completely impossible!!!

Ask any number of Parkinson patients & you will discover that, every couple of days, Parkinson patients can have a short afternoon nap and wake up an hour or so later, totally free of symptoms, or can be close, to totally free of symptoms. Of course this freedom doesn’t last long because symptoms are caused by excessive muscle tension “NOT” lack of dopamine, and during a nap, spinal supportive muscles, particularly around the cervical spine where symptoms begin, can relax really well to take pressure off the spine, to allow nerve signals to get through to symptom-affected areas, to eliminate symptoms.

The more tension (rigidity) a patient develops in spinal supportive muscles (usually in the neck first, then in one hip and the lower back last), and the more the spine and pelvis are pulled off-centre to be out of normal conformity, the more “UNBEARABLE” symptoms can become.
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