Dolly Parton in her single 'coat of many colors' said:"one is only poor if he or she chooses to be." So in one way or the other have you chose poverty? Well you may ask: "how is that possible?"

I will tell you in a moment.

But first, what is your school of thought?There are two clear schools of thoughts.

One who believe that every goverment officials should be held responsible for the state of our bad economy, unemployment, health. Thereby clamouring and praying that the Gorverment should change.

The other shcool of thought believe that each person should take responsibility for their individual economy. They believe that even if the economy of a contry as a whole is falling, individuals within can become wealthy beyond reason.

Each of this school of thought is correct. But one is better than the other. How? One makes you poor for life, while the latter makes you financially free!If you are part of the group that is expecting the gorverment to change so that your life can improve, i will be a little in your face that you have sign in for poverty. Because the basic truth is that they will not change. Well you may not agree and i dont want you to.

Just answer this question.

Since you have been wise enough to understand how to read and write, when in history have you heard people not complaining that the economy is bad? When?None! Each new year people's comment had always been; 'last year is even better than this year' still that year they complained through out. When our parent say 'good old days' the question is: 'where they wealthy then?' No! they also complained it was bad.

The solution: dump the first group and stop expecting the day when you will have the special president who would change the economy with a magic wand. Take responsibility for your life now!In every booming economy or failing economy those who make it big are not gorvment workers nor politicians but bold entreprenurs who took the bull by the horn.

I want to tell you more but digest this first, see you laterbecome the success you can be.


Author's Bio: 

Joy Akinlou is Nigerian No 1 success coach who had used his skills in helping other people become the success they can be. His latest book makes it easier for people to attain financial freedom with ease.