Psychological ED hits men of all ages, young and old.

In younger men, psychological ED generally hits due to the newness of sex... it is all so overwhelmingly exciting, combined with the unfair pressure of being expected to know what they are doing (when deep down they know they are inexperienced).

In middle aged men, it may come after a divorce. A man having had sex with the same woman for years, may have split apart from her, and now experiences self-doubt, guilt, fear over the future with a new lover... and sex with someone new just feels so foreign.

From this age range and above, physical aspects may take a toll on a man's erection quality as well. Diabetes, prostate issues, poor circulation, low testosterone, high blood pressure meds... they may all lead to poorer erection quality.

These physical issues may cause further lack of confidence in a man's erectile quality, and this concern in itself may set up an extra mental block to getting an erection.

So how can a man overcome psychological ED, preferably without medication??

Whether young, middle aged or older, this form of sexual anxiety shares many similarities, and can be defeated the same way. If you have physical issues contributing to your ED, make sure to work with your doctor to treat these issues.

However, getting the mental block out of the way will make a world of difference in your overall erection quality, making the physical issue easier to beat. Or rather, only having to deal with one issue instead of two.

Step 1 - Admit You Are Anxious

We are all human. For all of us, sex can be intimidating, especially with someone new. As men, we are expected to be these super performers, with "machinery" that never fails. Well, being human, and being nervous before sex is common to all of us men.

Admit that you are anxious, and this will allow you to SEE the anxiety at work, and allow you to learn about it. Ignoring the fact that you are anxious just allows it to run amok, unseen. Shine light on the situation, you weaken its power, and you can overcome it.

Step 2 - Just Work On Becoming Aroused Mentally; Your Body Knows How To React

You can't mentally "will" an erection to happen. Trying to force an erection will actually cause the opposite to happen. You just need to 1) lower your anxiety as much as possible, and 2) become as mentally aroused as possible. Once a CLEAR signal reaches below, it will know how to react.

In order to overcome psychological ED, just enjoy the woman who's agreed to share her body with you, and your erection will come along on it's own. It doesn't need to be told what to do.

Step 3 - Take It Slow

Rushing increases anxiety, taking it slow allows arousal to build.

Do not rush to get to point B and C, just concentrate on point A... becoming aroused enough to get it up. Same goes for when you are going to put on the condom. Don't rush, this will increase anxiety... take it slow, stay mentally "alive" and you will be able to keep it up until you get the condom on.

Step 4 - Your Erection May Need Some Physical Help

Oftentimes we just need to become "conditioned" to a woman. While the first few times, we may need to get some physical help to make it over the psychological ED, from then on, our body will respond when we are trying to get aroused with her.

Allowing her to provide the stimulation to your unit will give it more of the electric kick needed than doing it yourself, with your own hands. Ask her to help out, however, necessary, and she will most likely oblige.

You usually only need to overcome psychological ED once with a partner, and you will function from then on out

Aim to overcome psychological ED only once with a partner, because that's all you will need.

As mentioned above, your body will begin to respond properly when you are with this same woman, and your body recognizes her as a previous "satisfier" of your needs. Strange how it works, but it's true. Your body has its own innate intelligence... much more intelligent than our minds. Let it work without interference.

All else fails, Viagra and Cialis are very powerful and highly effective ED medications, but save those as last resorts. If you take them prematurely, you may begin to use them as an unnecessary crutch, when all you had to do was overcome the mental block.

Author's Bio: 

David Carreras is the author of Mr. Manpower's Guide To Overall Manhood Enhancement, a downloadable guide with exercises and guidelines to naturally boost testosterone production, increase erection strength, overcome psychological ED, shorten refractory period and more.