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I’m working with a client right now who has been courageously delving into having her very first sales conversations and charging money for her services and she’s learning how to manage her fear around talking about money and how to handle sales objections, and it brings me back to when I first started charging for my services and all of the self doubt I had that people would actually pay that much for my services.

I remember sweating and pacing while being on the phone, I was that nervous.

If you’re struggling with closing the sale, or if you’re shying away from having sales conversations because you don’t want to come across as pushy in any way - you’ll love this article; it’s chock full of some of the juiciest nuggets and word for word sentences I have tested and proved to work. If you can master the sales process you will help more people and make more money, and that’s exactly what I am committed to helping you achieve so you just might want to print this off and keep it on your desk for future reference.

Let’s jump straight into it. Here are some tips on how to handle the top 3 objections you’ll most likely hear from your clients.

#1 – Let me think about it

After your prospective clients go through your sales process - and you have them on the phone and you make your offer and they tell you that they STILL need time to think about it – 2 things might be happening here.
Remember in part #1 of this 3-part article we talked a bit about the Ego.

The ego LOVES to give people excuses on WHY NOT to change. Change is death to the EGO so just know that you are not battling with the actual person here, you are battling their EGO. Keep that in mind so you can have some compassion for your clients but don’t be nice to the EGO, it’s only an illusion and if you let your clients’ EGO win, then you haven’t served them at all. VERY important key to remember.

Your clients want to change or they would not have spent all this time and energy jumping through all these hoops to get to speak with you and invest their time into considering making this change. So now your job is to help them make a decision. The right decision.

When people tell me they have to think about it I ask them what question they really have for me, usually there is something they are afraid to ask me. And if they say “No, I just have to think about, it I don’t make rash decisions” – I say “Listen – I’m committed to serving my clients get XYZ this year and I know that NOTHING happens until you make a decision and commit – either way if it’s a YES to work with me or a NO, and ___(insert clients name)___ I’m not attached to working with you, I’d love to help you get results but I’m not attached to working with you in any way. What I want is to help you make a decision and I do know for sure is that I have not done my job or served you at all until you make a decision, either way weather it’s yes or no.”

Then you just be quite and listen to their brain processing - you are really serving here, you are in a powerful position of confidence and yet not attached to them saying yes, AND you are educating them on how their minds take them out of most games before they even begin to play it. This in itself starts to build a good sense of trust with your prospects.

Then they might tell you the real concern they have and if not:
1- They are really too polite to tell you they are not interested or
2- This is someone who needs some time to really make a good decision so I tell them “ok cool – how about we re-convene in 24 hours tomorrow at XYZ time for 10 minutes – that should give you enough time to look at your finances, talk to your spouse, come up with any more questions you might have for me. Sound good?”

Then you make the app right away for the next day or in 48 hours but NEVER longer than that because their EGO will buy them out of making the decision. I actually tell my clients that on the phone – I warn them about how their EGO will find reasons and excuses NOT to go for it the longer they take time to THINK about it – that’s how the Ego works – that’s its job remember to keep you safe and protect you with fear. If the person does not want to make another app with you they are not really interested. So you’ll know right away.

#2 - I don’t have the money

Another CLASSIC, classic, excuse nearly EVERYONE (and I do mean EVERYONE) will tell you when faced with the decision to change. Now they are weighing the cost of not making the change, the benefits and the money in their mind. And again the EGO will pipe up with not having the money.

So I ask my clients “What will it cost you NOT to make any changes to your situation, in 12 months, 3 years, 5 years?”
I also say “You know, not having the money and not having the time are always the top 2 excuses I hear from people and you know what – if money is an excuse here in your life I can guarantee you it’s an excuse you use everywhere else in your life not to get what you want. And you know what when someone really wants something – like a big screen TV – they find the money. They have an aunt or uncle or maybe they have to shuffle funds from a bank account but they come up with the money.”

Then I shut up and listen to their brain churning and squirming...the Ego hates this – now you’re going to hear the real fears from your client...they might ask you if this really works or something along that lines they want proof.

So now you start telling them lots and lots of testimonials about other clients who were in similar situations and how you helped them, the results they got. One after the other after the other don’t stop until they interrupt you with another question and they will...because you are now logically ending their fears with success stories. very different than answering by telling them “of course my program works” you are actually sharing with them 3rd party endorsements and that’s very powerful.

And as they start to feel safer and safer they will move closer to saying yes. Your job is to answer all of their fears and objections and once you have you will hear them actually start to convince YOU on why it’s the right idea to hire you. Let them talk and talk themselves into why it’s a good idea, don’t cut them off, they are selling themselves.

AND ALWAYS USE INTEGRITY here. What I am sharing with you here is YEARS AND YEARS of the trenches sales training. You’re never going to find this kind of information in any sales book –it simply doesn’t exist. So please don’t misuse it on anyone – make sure you are helping your ideal clients make the right decision to work with you. Don’t just use this stuff to sell anyone on your work if they are not the right fit. You can tell that IF they have gone through all of this with you and are still talking with you – it’s a good fit – you’ll sense it anyways you’ll know who you are meant to work with. Often times my clients will tell me I just KNOW I am meant to work with you.

#3 - I don’t have the time

I use the same thing I mentioned above when someone responds with this answer. “If you don’t take the time you’ll never have it. Time is an illusion anyways. You create it, and the illusion that it even exists. I bet you don’t have time to do half the things you want to in your life – that’s the problem. I can help you with that too.”
Then I tell them about the excuses and the Ego part again, same thing.

You want to come with the energy of “I am totally loving, non attached but totally committed to helping my clients make the right decision and NOT chickening out on themselves.”

You have to take a stand for their higher selves. This is not self-serving – not at all and your clients will feel it if you are needy and if you need them to buy from you. When you come from this place of service – they feel it; you are not attached but totally committed. And that, my friends, is very, very, powerful.

Give yourself the permission to be afraid, to fail a bit on the way to getting it right – you will always have another chance, and if you screw up a conversation – no big deal, take what you need from it to learn, let it go and go have another one!

Practice, practice, practice! The more you practice sales conversations the better you get – and your job now is to fill your calendar with heart centered sales conversations with people who could say YES to you. That’s your #1 priority – if you spend 2-4 hours a day marketing yourself and making offers to your ideal clients and filling your calendar with sales conversations your cash flow will see a HUGE jump and your confidence will follow suit! I promise!
Please send me any questions, comments of concerns you have about selling your services I’m here to help.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom

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