How To Overcome Speech Anxiety: Public Speaking Anxiety Tips

The thought of public speaking is something that is enough to make anyone get nervous. It is also called stage fright or speech anxiety - the anxiousness and fear that accompanies the negative thoughts one tends to have when faced with the prospect of speaking in public or in front of a large group of people.

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Everybody can fall victim to speech anxiety: even celebrities and prominent people who are regularly under the spotlight sometimes still have the "butterflies in the stomach," the sweaty palms, and the shaking knees that accompany the fear of public speaking. The possible causes of speech anxiety are numerous.

One could be previous failure in delivering a speech. The fear of repeated failure may cause an individual to develop an extreme fear to try again. On the other hand, inexperience, or never having given a public speech, results to an almost similar fear. Another common cause is shyness. The feeling of having all eyes focused on you at a particular time can cause much anxiety for a shy person who do not normally speak too much even in front of small groups. Some people just hate being the center of attention and the feeling of conspicuousness when speaking in public increases the level of anxiety and embarrassment one feels.

Another, and easier to resolve, cause of speech anxiety is lack of preparation. Without practice, the level of discomfort in speaking words that you don't really know by heart is considerably larger. If you are not intimately acquainted with the content of your speech, if the words coming out of your mouth are not things that you actually have strong feelings for, chances are you will have the fear of being "found out." The chances of being provoked into discussions you think you cannot have a strong opinion about and can defend increase the level of anxiety of many public speakers.

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One of the first steps in overcoming speech anxiety is to identify your personal reasons on why you fear it so. Once you are aware of the cause, you can then work on finding solutions to your concerns. Whether you fear speaking in front of thousands or even in front of one other person, there are ways to manage your fear and improve your performance. From something as simple as practicing your spiels, making use of visualizations, or self-motivation to something like searching for professional help by taking up a skills training course, speech anxiety is not without "cure."

These actions will help you develop strategies to overcome your fears or, if not, at least handle it in such a way that your anxiety will not be evident to your audience. There are several self-help books available that discuss tips and strategies to be better communicators.

Speech anxiety is a behavioral condition that is common to all humans. Different personalities may experience different levels of such an anxiety but the good news is that it can be overcome. With proper training and practice, anybody has the potential to be an excellent speaker.

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Dealing with social anxiety can be tough, but there are simple and effective tips that you can follow to dramatically decrease the problems you may have that are associated with your social anxiety.

One of the most simple and effective of these tips is to find a new hobby and immerse yourself in it.

There are very specific reasons why something as simple as a new hobby can work so well in people with social anxiety disorder.

First of all, as with any anxiety disorder, a sufferer will be subjected to unpleasant, undesirable, and uncontrollable thoughts throughout the day. Over a long period of time these thoughts have the power to mentally and psychologically wear you down. This will often result in horrible physical symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, trembling, tingling and numbness, and palpitations.

And many people will also develop equally horrible psychological symptoms such as depersonalization, depression, and obsessive-compulsive-related symptoms.

A new hobby that excites you, and demands your time and focus, is great at distracting your mind away from the constant and damaging thoughts you've probably grown used to.

By having something pleasant to focus your attention on you'll be giving your mind a break from the constant negativity you may not even realise is going on inside your head. And sometimes a break is all that's needed to significantly improve your situation.

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A new hobby can also work wonders because it disrupts your current routine.

When you have any form of panic disorder, it's easy to get into a rut, where every day becomes the same and you lose your zest for life.

But introducing a new hobby will immediately snap you out of your old routine, and it will also give you something to look forward to each day - assuming you pick a hobby that genuinely excites you!

And how, exactly, do you pick a good hobby to counteract your social anxiety?

Well, take something you have an interest in, or something you are (or once were) passionate about, and see where you could go with it. Maybe set up a website about a subject that fascinates you.

You don't know how to set up a website? Learn! Learning how to set one up has just become your new hobby!

Write short stories or poetry and submit them to websites where you can receive feedback. Interact with people on forums who are also interested in whatever hobby you choose.

There are literally hundreds of ideas out there for you to choose from.

The important thing is to begin today. Choose something you love or are passionate about and start doing something with it right now. You'll be amazed at how powerful something as simple as a new hobby can be in dealing with social anxiety.

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Anxiety attacks should be taken seriously and it must be controlled as soon as possible. Why? It is because as it lasts longer into your system it also worsens the case. In addition, it slowly affects your performance at work and in your daily routine.

Some people battling with anxiety problems tend to become less productive for an obvious reason that they are weary about their condition. They are left with no choice but to stay within the safe walls of their homes. It is because they don't want to get humiliated by the people around them.

Well, here is something good that you must know. All of these signs of anxiety could be totally cured with the help of natural treatments. The way we see it, people with anxiety problems are those that have overworked their brains for so long. They seem to have forgotten that the human brain also needs to rest at times. These people may have faced this problem because their body is simply reminding them to relax.

If you would ask me about the best method of treating anxiety attack, I will certainly bring up Natural method. It is the best because it gives a long term healing.

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Work with this method by considering these things as part of your daily tasks: cognitive brain training, healthy diet, plenty of water, better relaxation techniques and a good sleep quality. These things are simple yet they bring about monumental changes to your life.

The golden rule towards achieving an anxiety free life is simply living a healthy lifestyle. A well-balanced lifestyle, that takes time to relax and rest every so often. While the modern world is urging you to do things as fast as possible, never despise the fact that your body still has limitations. After all you are not a robot, you are a human being.

In knowing this rule, one should be committed and determined enough to keep track of his lifestyle. Always be reminded that anxiety attack could only be controlled by one powerful tool and that is a healthy lifestyle also known as a natural treatment.

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Treatment of anxiety attack will be more effective with the help of natural methods than drugs. It is mainly because drugs are just used to relieve the stress suffered by an anxiety attack victim while natural methods are made to address the real cause of anxiety.

I would say drugs could be taken if and only if it is really necessary, let us say for some severe anxiety cases. But if you are having mild anxiety problem only, you don't really need to take medications for it could even worsen the case. These drugs come with side effects and there is a possibility that you might end up being dependent unto this medications forever.

Natural methods of treating anxiety on the other hand, give you nothing but positive effects. You are certainly assured that your anxiety problem will be totally healed and you will also get a better way of living.

Here are some of the popular natural treatments against Anxiety:

- Cognitive or brain training which is an effective tool against anxiety.

- Healthy diet which means greater amount of protein for the brain.

- Regular exercise as an aid towards flushing toxins out of your system.

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- Relaxation techniques that gives you quality rest.

- Good sleep quality that helps rebuild our weakened brain.

Try to combine all of these then make it as part of your new lifestyle and you are guaranteed of an anxiety free life.

Let me add some helpful tips regarding treatment of anxiety problems. It is good to always bear in mind that the key towards total healing from anxiety starts with a healthy way of living. That would include less if not zero alcohol or caffeine and more protein enriched food, water and fruits. Also, one must remember that it is also beneficial to the body to get occasional relaxation and a regular exercise. Most importantly, sleep is a must; not just a sleeping habit but a good sleeping quality.

Start following all of these tips and you will certainly be amazed with the monumental changes it will bring to your life. Indeed, natural method of treatment dominates drugs in treating anxiety problems.

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