Many people think that bringing the sky and the clouds on sketch paper is among the simplest work. Nevertheless, what seems like an easy job is actually very tricky to duplicate. The well-Paint skies can also add a unique touch to any kind of surroundings. Discover the art of Painting clouds in the following simple steps:


You should use either a picture or your creativeness as the design image. The use of the picture has the advantage of flexibility. You will get much better ideas with photos compared to when depending solely upon imagination. On the other hand, use a combination method.

Choice of paper

Choose the type of paper, according to your decision, depending on whether or not you need a grainy, or a sleek look of your final work. For example, the rough surface area of a hot-pressed watercolor paper will prove to add its effect to the clouds.

Basic frame

The range of creating a base Painting frame for clouds is extremely restricted. You might want to rely mostly on natural work. Nonetheless, you are able to sketch the different designs of the clouds extensively in the preferred locations.

Pencil Painting

Keep the pencils handy. You have currently demarcated between the sky's background and the curves of the clouds. Right now, start by covering the sky with darkish pencils such as 2B. Top up with partial covering with a B pencil to focus on particular areas.

Omit the cloud locations. Smear the clear sides towards the inside of the clouds somewhat in order to blur the limitations at particular locations. Use a tortillion for the job. Nevertheless, apply it with discernment, because there is going to portion, in which you would really like obviously designated edges.

Likewise, make use of the pencils of suitable hardness to tone the inside of the clouds. Additionally, plastic or perhaps a kneadable eraser produces a few wonderful results of increasing clouds against the darkish skies. Somewhat rub off the shadings, beginning with the foot of the frame towards the top. This can give an exceptional look of cirrus clouds. This finishes your own piece.


In case your idea would be to create a Cloud painting rather than sketching, your method will vary significantly. After, placing your bottom sketching in position, start painting the open skies region. You will have a broad selection of tones in sky blue. Natural skies sometimes appear graded in tone with a few locations in dark blue that progressively lightens moving forward.

Consequently, you might choose a standard color or covering. Use white paint on the paper for making the clouds. You might want to make use of a number of layers of white and blue to bring away particular locations. Whenever you think your clouds have taken the details of the research image, consider your projects done!

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