Neither you nor I would use drugs, of course, or we would try to cheat on something as important as a drug test. But maybe you have a curious "friend" who wants to know how the tests work. This is what your "friend" needs to know.

Depending on when you need to take the test, it may not be necessary to cheat

Urine drug tests are one of the most common, and in many cases they will not reveal the drugs you used last week. Taking this into account, these tests are much less likely to reveal drugs you have used for months or years.

Quest Diagnostics, a company that sells drug tests to employers, has a chart that explains what their tests can detect. In certain cases, it can be detected if you have used drugs in the last five days.

• Amphetamines : 24 to 72 hours
• Cocaine : 24 to 72 hours
• Opiates : 24 to 72 hours
• Phencyclidine : Between 1 and 5 days if you consume it occasionally; 30 days for frequent use
• Cannabis : Between 1 and 3 days if you consume it occasionally; 30 days for frequent use.

The tests of detection of drugs in hair are the opposite. They cannot detect recent use (for example, consumption between the last two weeks) but they can reveal if you used drugs in the last three months. The hair grows approximately 1.27 centimeters per month. For a hair test, you will usually be asked for a 3.8 cm sample of your newest hair (or the one closest to your scalp).

The lab cannot perform a test on hair you do not have. However, if you show up for work with shaved hair, you may look suspicious. (In addition, it is also possible that they can perform the test with hair on your body, which would surely be a fun experience). But if you're looking for worked now, why not considered a professional and attractive pixie cut? That's how you leave your past on the living room floor.

Improve your chances

We have not yet reached the part where we talk about cheating. First, it is important to consider the following strategies.

• Find out when they will do the drug test and adjust your drug use. As we have noted above, three days gives you enough room to get most of the drugs out of your system. Tests for probation are often conducted according to a strict schedule, and even tests at work are usually done after a certain time. Therefore, "random" tests should not surprise you. Look at the calendar.

• Go to the bathroom in the morning before going to the lab . The first time you urinate in the day is usually the most concentrated, so go to the bathroom before going to the lab.

Try using these deceptive strategies, but be careful

There are several products, strategies and home remedies that could work, but they all carry a little risk. They could catch you. You also do not know what you are putting inside your body if you buy a product to "detoxify". Also, you are in this situation for consuming questionable drugs.

another person's urine

When doing drug tests at work, it is rare to be followed to the bathroom. They give you a minute to urinate and that's it. However, it is unlikely that they will let you take a bag or something similar to the bathroom. If you do this, you also have to make sure that the urine is hot enough (since sometimes they take the temperature of the sample). Maybe you could try putting a bag of urine in your bra or underpants.

Synthetic urine

Synthetic urine consists of a powder that, when mixed with hot water, will look like urine and give the correct results when you perform all the tests to confirm that it is urine (for example, tests are performed on the pH value, creatinine and severity specific). The problem with this is that you may not have hot water to mix the powder. Some laboratories turn off the taps (who cares about clean hands?) Or paint the blue bath water.


The idea of performing a "detox" of your body for health reasons has no head or tail. But there are some supplements that you can ingest that can change the results of a drug test. Some are simply diuretics, or substances that make you urinate more and dilute your urine. Others, like zinc, can bind to certain drugs and appear in your droppings instead of your urine.

For more information you can visit of detox products that seemed to work according to the advertising. But, again, companies that perform these tests may be looking for signs that you have used these products, so proceed with caution.

Ask professionals for advice

There is a "race" among people who create and advertise products to help you cheat on drug tests and people who develop drug tests. Each group that beat the other and you are in the middle.

For example, there is evidence for almost all popular adulterants, but the more rigorous the test, the more expensive it will be. Therefore, if your employer (or anyone who asked for the test) is clenched, some of the mentioned strategies could work for you. The hard part knows which one to choose.

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