Software testing is a very crucial job. It demands strong technical knowledge, creative thinking and analytical capabilities. The software testing expert working in the best software testing company always follows a strategic and a stepwise approach to perform the QA testing process. In this article, I will share a step-wise guide that you should follow to assure you are following the best practices and benefiting your clients with the best software testing services.

1. Understand the software

Software testing is a process of verifying and validating that the software is working as per expectations without any flaw. For this, before actually starting the testing process, you need to understand the software, its functional flow its logical flow, technologies used in it, details of those technologies such as limitations and strengths and all other details. Having a thorough understanding of the software is a prerequisite to start the actual software testing process.

2. Document testing process

Before you start testing the software, you must create a complete testing plan and document it. You need to assure that you have a clear roadmap to carry out the complete software testing and quality assurance process. In this stage, you should create test cases; define testing models; define testing tools and devices; and all other details that are needed to get you started and lead you to the end of the efficacious software testing process.

3. Run a small test

When you are ready with your roadmap, instead of starting your rigorous testing process, the first step is to test the readiness of the software for hardcore testing. This can be done by running a small set of test cases on the software. A software testing expert can also manually test some modules or functionalities to assure that the software is ready to go through a thorough software testing process.

4. Run through software testing

Once you find readiness of the software, run all defined test cases on the software. Log all the defects that you find during the software testing process. A software testing expert also puts recommendations as well as the priority/urgency of the bug.

5. Coordinate with the developer

Once all bugs are logged, pass it to the developer and coordinate with the developer during the process of bug resolution. This part demands a lot of presence and a great communication skill to assure the disputes are avoided and the process goes smoothly.

6. Perform retesting and regression testing

Once the bugs are resolved the software testing expert need to retest the functionalities and / or modules to assure the bugs are resolved appropriately. Furthermore, the software testing expert also needs to perform regression testing to assure that the resolution of a bug hasn’t affected any other module negatively.

That’s it! The process continues until the product is fully developed and launched. In some cases, the job of software testing expert continues even after the launch of the product. Make sure you always start with understanding the requirement and expectations and ends with regression testing without skipping any of the mentioned steps in this guide.

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