Gift boxes can be fully customized to look unique, festive, or simply one or more steps above traditional looking presents. There are many instances in which you would like to turn gift boxes into one-of-a-kind packages. Perhaps you run a business and want to impress your clients or employees during a certain time of the year?

Gift Boxes

Maybe you run an organization or charity that wants to really put smiles on recipients’ faces. Or you just might run a store that wants to have lavish gift options for customers. No matter who you are or what sort of business you run, being able to decorate gifts will be sure to impress you patrons.

Two elements of decorating gift boxes include the tag and the ribbon, which are things we will go into great detail here.

Tags for Gift Boxes

You can always write the recipient's name by a marker on the gift wrap that you buy, but in many cases, that wouldn’t be considered acceptable present etiquette. For a classier alternative to displaying the person's name, you can buy tags for placing on the gift boxes.

Tags are miniature paper boards that serve as a focal point on the present to indicate who the gift is for, and occasionally who is it also from. Tags can be made in any color imaginable, but often the case, they will be either white, tan, or yellow in color, creating a solid contrast to the color of the gift box chosen.

These tags can also be made in any size, but traditional tags are meant to be fairly large so that they are large enough to write on as well as read the text that is written or printed onto them. For a homemade touch, tags can be written on in pen or marker. However, for a more-classy direction, custom tags can be printed in an ornate or old-time font. The caveat to going in this direction, however, is that there is a limit to how many characters you can include on your tags.

These tags can either be a traditional tethered form or a sticker form. With a traditional form, the tag is tied or connected to the present with either yarn, string, chain, or other material. Often times, this material is looped around a ribbon. With a sticker form, the paper backing is to be removed and this tag is placed directly onto the gift box so that the tag doesn’t dangle about.

Ribbons for Gift Boxes

Ribbons can give a decorative touch to any gift box. In wrapping a ribbon around gift boxes, they will look more complex in appearance and receive more depth in color, making the box overall look less plain and more palatable.

Ribbons are commonly made of shiny satin, but they can also be made into other materials such as velvet, suede, silk and more. Ribbons come in various colors from red and blue to burgundy and lavender, so you certainly have plenty of options for how you want to wrap your gifts up or give options to your customers for how they would like theirs.

Ribbons also aren’t without their beautiful bows, as well, which is of course the elaborate knot at the top of the present. Bows can give a gift box a unique shape and make it look more special than before. Standalone bows can be sold separately from ribbons and taped right onto gifts, but professional bowmakers as well as bow-making machines have the abilities to tie beautiful bows using the ribbon you use to decorate your gift boxes. Bows can come in many different styles and sizes, so there is no right or wrong way to create one.

Bow making is an ability that not everyone can learn quickly, but if you manage to make professional bows on your gift boxes, they can be able to leave a lasting impression on your customers or recipients.

Both tags and ribbons make for some classy upgrades to gifts which are meant to surprise and excite the recipient. If you are serious with giving the most impressive-looking gifts in town, we encourage you to invest in quality ribbons and tags for all of your gifts to get the people that matter talking.

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