Another dreadful birthday party on its way? Or is it the holiday season already? Finding gifts for adults is difficult, but searching for gifts for a 13-year-old boy can be dreadful. They are at that awkward age when they know what they like, but they are not yet ready to share the details of their hobbies with the adults. That makes finding the right gift kind of a challenge for them.
No matter where your 13-year old boy lives, he is sure to be active. That is one quality almost all young teens have in common.
No 13-year old boy does not want to be cool. There might have been a time when imitating The Karate Kid was cool, but it is not so anymore. Right now, drones, quadcopters, portable gaming sets, Nintendo Switch, wireless headphones, and smartphones are cool. If you want your child to feel like a cool kid too, you can try some of the following ideas –

Nintendo Switch

There are no two words about it! Nintendo Switch is the gadget of the year. It is a beautiful creation that is perfect for the gamer 13-year old. It is the highest and fastest selling console from Nintendo. When your boy gets one of these for Christmas, he is going to be the happiest 13-year-old. Check out ToyBuzz for similar gaming-related gifts for the young teen.

Oculus Go

Does your teenage boy love technology and cool gadgets? Then you should introduce him to Oculus Go. It is a VR headset that gives him the option to pair it with his iPhone or Android Phone. You can expect at least 2.5 hours of battery time. It should buy you enough time to read a book, do some gardening or watch a movie without unwanted interruptions.

Bluetooth speakers

What is cooler than Apple Airpods? A Bluetooth speaker that has 10-hour battery life and resistance to water damage. Children love to experiment, and it is understandable that they will spill something on their gadgets like new toddler songs . Gift them waterproof Bluetooth speakers that will give them one thing less to worry about.

Nerf Guns

Is there any 13-year-old out there who does not love Nerf Guns? That is a rhetorical question. Finding any child or adult who does not like Nerf guns is quite impossible. It gives them the chance to play with their friends, go out into the yard and the garden, build teams and have tons of fun. It also gives them an excellent icebreaker in a new neighborhood.

The foodie

A foodie is most tired of receiving gift coupons and cards from their friends and family. What a modern food-enthusiast truly needs is a way to store their favorite snacks and beverages in their hood. The coolest food aficionados in town should always have a mini-fridge in their rooms that go with the interior decor. Food warming plates, Start War mugs and TV series inspired cutlery are great options for a teenager, who takes his food and TV seriously.
What are you waiting for? You are ready for the shopping. You have all the information you need, now go out there and woo them with your gift buying skills!

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