Gone are the days when people used to buy carpets for homes only for a utility purpose. With the changing times and designs, the usage of carpets or rugs has grown to manifolds. Contemporary carpets have the power to transform any space into a heavenly abode. With intricate patterns, modern designs inspired by various art-forms, high-quality fabrics and fine craftsmanship, these modern carpets can amplify the beauty and comfort of the floors to a great extent. Anyone who is a décor connoisseur can install a premium rug or carpet to decorate the floor like never before. Modern carpet suppliers and manufacturers leave no stone unturned to create a perfect blend of modern designs and traditional craftsmanship to create incredibly beautiful and comfortable rugs and carpets. But picking a perfect rug is not a walk in the park. It’s quite a daunting task to pick a perfect rug for your living room. With a plethora of options available online and offline, one might get confused while searching for the best one to do justice with the décor, style, comfort and design. Thus, we bring to you result-proven tips to pick the best rugs and carpets for your homes.

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Understand the relevance of carpet colour: Colour of your rug or carpet plays a great role to amplify the entire room’s décor. Dark colours help to make a room look cosier and warm, whereas light colours make your room look larger in size. One can choose light pastel colours to make a room look larger, and dark colours to elevate the warmth and comfort for large rooms. Thus, choose a carpet having a combination of dark and light colours in order to create a neutral impact. Always try to make a contrast between the rug and shade of your walls in order to amplify the décor quotient of your space.

Pay attention to the material: Modern carpets come in various materials. It is very important to choose the material wisely in order to enhance the sustainability, functionality, comfort and style. For that matter, it is always recommended to pick natural fibre rugs or carpets such as wool, silk, jute or bamboo silk. All these fibres are highly durable give oodles of comfort to your feet, amplifies the décor statement of your space and absorb moisture or stains quickly. On the other hand, synthetic fibre rugs are mostly machine-made and lack the kind of lustre and premium quotient offered by the natural fibre made rugs or carpets. If you are looking for a carpet for a short time period or for less usage, you can pick synthetic fibre rugs made with nylon, olefin and polyester.

Every space needs a different carpet: Many homeowners try to paint every room with the same brush. Be it paint or carpet, every room or space has its own structure, size and requirement. One should avoid using the same carpet or rug in every room. A living room rug can’t go well in the bedroom and one needs a premium soft rug in order to feel the warmth after getting out of a warm bed in the morning. On the other hand, a living room carpet or rug has to be a bit hard with a soft touch in order to bear heavy traffic.

Don’t take the design of the rug for granted: If your goal is to amplify the décor quotient of your living or any other room with a premium rug or carpet, then you also need to pay focus to the design. Modern Scandinavian designed rugs are known for their incredible quality and geometric patterns that look amazing. Along with that, one can also go with animal prints, chain link pattern, tiles driven designs or bold floral patterns to make an impact.

Last but certainly not the least, it is very important to pick the brand or supplier wisely. To buy carpets online or offline, make sure to pick reliable best carpets stores to get the best value for your money.

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