Your outfit plays an important role in deciding which type of necklaces you should buy. Different clothing styles demand different styling. For example, some clothes may require a chunky silver necklace, while others don’t anything at all.

To help you make the best pick, we have curated a list which talks about: how to pick the perfect Necklace for different Necklines.

Buying Tip: Always pick necklaces according to the length and width of your neck. For example, if you have a long neck then wearing a choker will help you shorten the look and make it more appealing.
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Off Shoulder Neckline:
Off should is one of the fashion-forward necklines which work well with chokers. They expose your collar bones and shoulders.

You can pair anything from grunge-like velvet chokers to polished metal pieces, and layered chokers with most of your off shoulder necklines.

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Styling Tip: If you’re wearing a heavy choker then keep your earrings minimal (like a pair of stud earrings). You can also go for “no earrings” look. They key here is not to overpower your look with too much jewellery. For a boho chic look, you can even pair German silver necklace in the choker style. Such necklaces are perfect to add a rustic charm to your overall look.

Deep Plunge Neckline:
While a plunging neckline makes a bold statement, it may sometimes seem a little bare (in case you don’t accessorize it).

Styling Tip: Pair a long-line necklace with a deep plunge neckline for that charming and elegant look. Wear a pair of glamorous earrings (similar to the tone of your necklace) to complete your look.

Asymmetrical Neckline:
Delicate pendant necklaces work the best with most of the asymmetrical necklines. Such necklaces not only add a surreal charm to your look but also draw attention to your collar bone.

Styling Tip: You can add a pair of elegant stud earrings and a delicate chain bracelet to your look (to make it more appealing). It will add another elegant edge to your look without making it over powering.

Crew Neckline:
The crew neck is everyone’s go-to neckline. Did you know that you can pair almost every type of necklace with the crew neck? Well if you didn’t then you have the opportunity to try it now.

Styling Tip: For an edgy look, pair a collar necklace with your crew neckline.

V Neckline:
Even though this is the most worn neckline types, people tend to spoil its look by pairing round necklaces with it.

Styling Tip: You should always pick something that fits in well with the cut of your top, otherwise it will look bad. Invest in a necklace in a similar triangular V- shape (as your neckline) that ends just above the neckline.

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