Parents would appear to decide on to want to see baby gender. A lot of reasons might envelope this need, for one it appears practical. Although, there are some folks also select not to know and keep it as a surprise as a result of it the baby's gender doesn't really matter for them. It's always your choice if you'd wish to know or not.
Ultra sound was only invented roughly around 50 years ago, so people only found out how to determine baby gender at that time. So basically, we have just been frantic to take a peek at our 'gifts' for only the last 50 years or so. What do you think may be t he reason for this? Well, for one, people have always looked forward to have someone they can teach, usually for men, they would want little boys who can grow up to be like them and for women, girls whom they can pass on their ideas to.

Human beings have the desire to have children as they grow older and it has always been an instinct to procreate. We always would want to share identical views with our partners which mainly would be the reason why we would like to determine baby gender to finalize or plan things out with our better half. Also, some parents may be particular as to what type of color or things they should be buying rather than buying something unisex for a bit.

Women mainly undergo ultrasound accurately see a picture of their babies that helps determine if it is a boy or a girl. There are also other ways to determine baby gender. Commercial pregnancy tests have already been made available for chemical reaction to know a baby's gender.

Blood tests may be just the most accurate way to determine baby gender. Although there are other pseudo sciences that pose such belief of being able to determine your baby's gender. It is up to you which among these methods you would like to try out, or if you wish to know at all.

In the past, problems getting pregnant were not as famous as it is the case now. People were busy with another issue, which is the ability to determine the gender of the baby. Some people thought that they can somehow choose, if they will get a girl or a boy.

What was the original assumption?

Originally, people in most cultures believed that the gender of the child was determined in the mother's body. That was a natural assumption before science began to investigate the role of men in the conception of babies. Women were held responsible for the children that they produced.

Consequently, if a woman gave a birth to a girl while the man wishes to have a boy, then the mother was blamed. Even worse, in some old cultures, men tended to get married from another woman in the hope to get the gender, which they like to have.

Based on the above facts, women in that era searched hard for trying to get pregnant tips in the hope to control the gender of the baby. Based on the culture itself, it was always recommended for women to eat certain foods, make certain rhythms to control the baby's gender and to get pregnant faster.

What is the real facts here?

Of course, all of this was pointless because the gender of a child is determined by the sperm, which is provided by the father. We now know that we have two chromosomes: XX for women and XY for men. When a baby is conceived, it receives one from each parent.

A woman always contributes an X because that is all she has. The man will have a mixture of sperm, some carrying a copy of his X chromosome and some carrying the Y. If one of his X chromosomes reaches the egg and fertilizes it, the baby will be female. If it is a Y, the baby will be male.

So, can you really choose the gender of your child?

There are several methods now for choosing the gender of a baby that are much more reliable than the old superstitions. One well-known method relies on timing: couples who want a boy should have intercourse at the time of ovulation. On the other side, couples who want a girl should try a few days earlier.

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