Planning the gender reveal when you are having twins is one of the most interesting things that you can do. There are many people who would like to do their own gender reveal for two girls, two boys, or one girl and one boy. Here are a few suggestions for planning a memorable event.

The Genders And Colors

 You need to decide which colors you would like to use for your babies. You could use green for boys if you are not comfortable with blue, and you might use pink for girls. Some parents might use green for both sexes, and you will find that the people at the party are not confused so long as you are very clear about how you use colors.

The Party Favors

 The party favors that you give away at the party should be a part of the reveal. You want to hide the true intentions of your party from the people who get these favors. You might reveal the sex with special colors that you have chosen for the party. You might go with green and silver, and those colors will turn up in your party favors. You must choose party favors that will work for everyone such as bubbles, little glasses with initials, or toys that you might give to your kids when you get home.

The Party Food

 You could make party food that is the same color as the reveal. You are dropping these clues all over the party, and the people who come to your party should be given the chance to eat nice food, think about the reveal, and gather clues that will lead them to a conclusion about the sex of the babies. There are many people who want to eat buffet food, or you could make a sit down dinner that will be much more formal.

Planning a gender reveal party includes choosing the right colors, planning the party favors, and planning for the reveal in a fun, memorable way.

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