Just like the wedding day, sangeet evening has become an integral part of the marriage functions. Sangeet function is synonymous with liveliness, enjoyment and togetherness. However, it is no more a casual event rather an event similar to the marriage day. Therefore, proper planning and execution are required for this event also. Here are some amazing tips that will help you plan a sangeet night like never before.

1. Selection of Venue – Since both the families will be a part of this evening, the selection of the venue should be done accordingly. It should be convenient for both and spacious enough to accommodate the total number of the guests.
2. Fixing the date – Sangeet should be kept 2 days before the wedding day so that families get enough time to prepare for the wedding day. Also, the guests can have proper rest before the wedding day.
3. Fixing the budget – It is very easy to go over budget during wedding functions. Therefore, strictly set a budget and get all the resources like DJ, caterer, photographer etc. who falls under your budget.
4. Preparations before the evening – Prepare the list of people who are willing to dance and arrange it properly considering the time each performance will take. Pick up songs that are popular and best suited for the evening. It will help you save last minute jitters on the sangeet night.
5. Hiring a wedding choreographer – For great dance performances, you must get a wedding dance choreographer on board. They will help you set the whole dance program with the right amount of emotional, funny and soothing performances.
6. Selecting Music – Loud and meaningless songs can spoil your entire evening. Therefore, carefully pick the songs that people are dancing on. Moreover, if you have a DJ setup, ask them to play music that suits the decorum of the event.
7. Setting the Food Menu – Food menu should have more to quench thirst like cocktails, mocktails, juices etc. since it’s a sangeet evening. People are more thirsty than hungry. You can have starters, main course and desserts as per your budget allow.
8. Finalizing the theme – The theme of the sangeet night is very important since on its basis the decoration of the venue takes place. The theme you pick should be lively, joyful and colorful. After all, you are celebrating sangeet night.
9. Fixing timeline – The sangeet program should not go on for more than 3 hours. Therefore, strictly set a timeline for each performance so that the audience can enjoy all the performances equally. Give the prime-time slot to the bride and the groom dance. After all, it’s their sangeet night!

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Hello, I’m Anjalica. I’m a wedding Choreographer and dance teacher since last ten years living in Noida, India. Her Bollywood thumkas reflect in her style. Simply a Bollywood fanatic at heart, her rhythm changes in life as beautifully as it does in dance. I am a fan of dance, music, and photography.