Two years ago, global e-commerce put highlight on B2B and venture capital is also concentrated on B2B.

It is not an incident; the trend meets the mega-trend of economy.

At present,many enterprises hold highly of B2B flags while the enterprises may not know the market opportunities of B2B, value chains or commercial mode, or the future development trend.

B2B is a complete system, which requires e-business transaction mode between enterprises that may be in different industries or fields, and other ancillary facilities should back up at any time anywhere.

The enterprises need to analyze B2B value chain and market opportunities.

The basic facility providers may include telecommunication operators, network basic operators, internet access providers, logistic companies; Basic equipment includes VPN, Intranet, Extranet.

Hosting Service providers include allocating space, hosting server, promotion, and site management.

Authenticated encryption service provider is also very important in B2B e-business as B2B markets need to be monitored and managed in order for the buyers and sellers’ credit, encryption is essential and in a security environment, enterprises can do e-business and complete the whole transactions as well as payment online.

Technical platform provider includes HP, IBM, SUN etc, which offers technical platforms and ASP services to SMEs.

Foreign trade community is the common place that we can frequently see on the internet as an e-market, which provides different market transaction systems to help transactions between buyers and sellers.

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