Planning A Dambulla Sightseeing Tour

Sri Lanka is a land you may have heard so many great things about. This lovely island tucked away in the midst of the vast Indian Ocean is a proud nation that has established a proud name for itself in the whole world. Each of the provinces and districts of this island are special n their own way. And one such amazing location situated in the Matale district of the Central Province is the large town called Dambulla. You may have already heard much about this city; therefore it would be a trip worth making during your holidays to this wonderful destination.

Among all the wonders Sri Lanka has to unfold, the fact that it has eight UNESCO world heritage sites is quite prominent. As you go on a Dambulla tour you will be able to visit one such UNESCO world heritage site that holds immense value for its historic and cultural value. Being one of the ancient kingdoms chosen centuries ago, most of the wonders seen in this location are intertwined with Buddhism that is the main religion of the country. The following are some of the tips you might want to keep in mind when planning your holiday to Dambulla.

  • Check out what are the other stops located nearby to optimize the use of time.
  • Get the help of a qualified guide to learn about the history of the sites
  • Look at accommodation options as there are a wide range including budget hotels to star class resorts
  • What To See In Dambulla Sri Lanka

    As with any other famous tourist hotspot in Sri Lanka there are so many things of what to see in Dambulla. Out of these the rock cave temples Dambulla is most famous for, is a site not to be missed. This is known to be the largest and best kept cave temple complexes of its kind. According to historical documentation there have been over 80 caves in the complex but not you will find about 5 caves that are open for exploration.

    In addition to the cave temples featuring ancient paintings and statues that take you way back in history, there are many other attractions to include in your Dambulla sightseeing tour. If you re in time for a cricket match, you will be able to enjoy the fun at the international cricket venue Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium. There is also the rose quartz mountain range of Na Uyana Aranya.

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