When you plan your work do you try to keep your schedule light or do you focus more on increasing productivity? Many believe that having a busy schedule leads to uncompleted tasks, frustration and stress and therefore does little in regards to increasing productivity! On the contrary there is much evidence to indicate that a busy schedule DOES indeed help you accomplish more and here are 3 reasons why!

Sense of Urgency

Whenever people are faced with a busy schedule it is quite natural that this creates more of a sense of urgency to get things done! Having more to do gives you less time to 'kill' and actually helps you focus more on the scheduled tasks at hand! Nothing contributes more to increasing productivity than paying greater attention to what it is you are trying to accomplish! When you focus more your efforts tend to result in less mistakes!

Elevates Energy Level

Ever notice how when you are faced with a busy schedule, your energy level tends to 'ramp up' in anticipation? This is the largest reason why there is such a need for vacations from work, simply to allow your body and mind to relax! Here again having much to do also tends to make you focus more which of course as already explained above, cuts out distractions and leads to increasing productivity! At the end of the day your reward is being able to look back at what you accomplished which is a heck of a lot better than feeling guilty about being such as slacker!

Motivated By Progress

The more you're able to accomplish the better you tend to feel and this empowers you to continue working! Increasing productivity is far easier and more enjoyable to do when you are self motivated to do so as opposed to feeling threatened or forced! With that being said nothing motivates you better than being productive and seeing the 'proof' of what you can accomplish! This gives you greater confidence and a stronger motivation to continue forward and get more done!

You can't expect to accomplish much when you plan your work so that your agenda is not too challenging! Some believe maintaining a less than busy schedule helps reduce stress and frustration but other feel you need to focus more on getting more done! Our discussion above points out 3 ways in which loading up your work schedule is great for increasing productivity and your personal satisfaction as well! Increasing productivity is simply a matter of getting better at what you do but how can you do that when you do NOT challenge yourself?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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