According to Hindu Mythology each day of a week is dedicated to a particular God as well as a planet. Miracles do happen by observing a particular Vrat or fast. All rituals and observations are easy ways to please the planets and their respective Gods. Vedic Astrology helps us to understand the nature and characters of planets and also help us to know that why we are suffering so many problems due to the incorrect placement or inauspicious planets. So it’s high time you should consult an expert astrologer who can suggest you the particular vrat, mantra and upay to ward off these problems. It can automatically improve all sufferings.

We are ruled by nine grahs or planets. We often use yantra and lockets in order to ward off the bad effects and to get best results caused by them. Definitely they affect us a lot if they are worn after purifying correctly and suggested by an expert astrologer. He can tell you how to use them and the related fast according your horoscope.

It is considered that we get success, failure, wealth, poverty, fame defame, life and death according to our karma. We get good and bad results according to the correct and incorrect placement of planets. In order to drive away the negative effects of related planets we should recite mantra and observe fast related to the respected planets. But you are advised that you should consider an expert astrologer so that he can suggest us the correct day and fast according to the weak and inauspicious planet in our horoscope.

It is very simple to observe fast to please the planets. Always remember to take food once in a day. Do not eat salt on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Do not observe fast for Sun in Chaitra and Poshya month.


It can observe for 12, 30 or 1 year. Get up early in the morning, fill a brass utensil with water, put red roli or chandan, red flower and durva and offer this water to rising sun with this mantra “OM GRAHNI SURYAY NAMAH” and do 3 mala jaap of “Om ham heem houm sah suryay namah” mantra. If possible do 5, 11 and 80 mala jaap. Eat wheat roti, Dalia, milk, gur and sugar in food. If you have weak Sun in your horoscope then do hawan of this mantra with root of bel tree. It can bring miracles in your life. You can easily get rid of all disease and enemies and you can get health and fame. But do not forget to show your horoscope to an expert astrologer.


Moon rules our heart and represents our personality and family happiness. It can be observed at least for 1, 16, or 54 weeks on Monday. After refreshing yourself recite “Om aem cleam somay namah” or do 3, 5 or 11 mala jaap of “om shram, shreem shrom sah chandray namah mantra. Wear white clothes. Do not take salt rather use milk, curd, sugar in your food.


It is considered for bravery, will power and confidence. It should be observed for 21 or 84 Tuesday. Recite “om um angarkayah namah or do 3, 5 or 7 mala jaap of “krom sah bhomayah nama. Take food without salt. Eat halwa, laddo and gur. You can easily get debt free life and can get blessed with a child.


This fast is observed on Wednesday for education, money and business growth. Do this fast for 17, 21 or 84 Wednesdays. Wear green clothes and Recite 3, 5, or 17 mala jaap of “om bum budhhayah namah “mantra. Eat things made up of moong dal. This is very influential and beneficial fast for people related to education and communication.


Observe Thursday fast for child, education and all comforts in life for 16 weeks, 1 year, or 3 years. Have yellow clothes, read Brahaspati vrat katha and worship banana tree. Recite 3, 5, or 6 times “Om Gram, Greem, Gro, Sah Guruve namah”. Have chana, besan, ghee and sugar in food.


This fast is observed for happiness, wealth and luck. It is also helpful for the marriage of unmarried male. It should be observed for 16, 21 or 31 Fridays. Wear white clothes and do 5, 11 or 21 mala jaap of “om shum shukray namah or “om dram, dreem, drom sah shukray namah” mantra. You can also do Vaibhav Lakshami faston Friday as it is very effective to achieve your desired goal. Eat things made of up rice, sugar, milk, curd and ghee.


People fear a lot with the bad effects caused by Shani. But there is nothing to worry about. You can ward off all the problems by observing Shani Vrat. Shani dev can be pleased by this fast. It can get emerged you as a winner in debates, to recover from debt, money crises, profits in factory and engineering works and to ward off all the health problems. Do this fast for 15 or 51 Saturdays. It can give you best results in Sade sati or dhayya. Get yourself fresh and wear black clothes and do 4, 11 or 15 mala jaap of “Om dram, dreem, drom, sah shanay or om pram preem prom sah shanishcharay namah mantra. While doing this put Gangajal in a brass pot and put kala til, sugar, milk and keep it near you and then offer this water in peepal root facing west. Eat food made up of urad dal like pakori and panjiri.


If you face obstacles in your all your work due to Rahu and Ketu, then you should follow a mahaupay. By following that mahaupay you can surely ward off all the obstacles caused by these two grah. That is also helpful in destroying enemies, relief from government’ fear, financial crises, and if you are accident prone. Do this fast for 18 Saturdays. Wear black clothes. Do 5, 11, or 18 mala jaap of “om bhram bhraeem bhrohm sah rahve namah or om ken ketwe namah mantra. At the time of jaap take water in a pot and after completing your mala jaap pour this water in a tree for Rahu. Eat food made up of meetha churma, meethi roti, rewri, and kale till. Light a diya in the roots of peepal tree.
So in this easy and authentic way you can please all the planets if you are really effective by them. But you are advised to get your horoscope checked by an expert astrologer first of all and then start doing vrat.

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