How to pole dance; The latest exercise fashion has eventually arrived in Dorset and its Pole Dancing. How to lap dance; Forget about the sexy, half naked dancing you see in night clubs and think of a cross between gymnastics and dancing.

Learn pole dance lessons; Easy pole dancing tricks step by step to advanced; A complete guide to learn everything about Pole Dancing is provided at the end of this write-up (Author's Bio), meanwhile let's build the foundation.

The Pole Dancing Academy in Dorset was set up by Staph Bates who has years of experience in both gymnastics and dancing. Staph runs individual lessons to people of all ages and with changeable degrees of fitness.

Pole dancing requires a lot of body strength and a 30 minute sessions will feel like a 60 minute session the next day!

Muscles in your arms, legs and stomach will be working harder than they've worked before giving you that well toned look you've always been after. Each session is approached as an exercise session, with warming up and cooling down stretches. Most people coming to Pole dancing sessions will find they have muscles they didn't know they had so it's important to warm them up before using them.

If you can hold your own body weight on your arms you'll have a great advantage but this strength will come after practice.

Some people worry that they'll have to dance in their underwear but at the Pole Dancing Academy all dancers must wear at least shorts and an exercise top - similar to that worn for aerobic exercise and if you're worried about showing your legs you can wear leggings or jogging bottoms and just roll them up when you need to have skin contact with the pole. This contact prevents you from slipping down the pole!

It's also very important not to put any creams or lotions on your skin as this will also make you fall off the pole and can be very dangerous.

The traditional image of a pole dancer is a lady with high heel shoes but bare feet or trainers can be used just as successfully - you'll more than likely be hurting from the exercise so why have to worry about blisters on your feet as well?

When you look for pole dancing lessons it might be a good idea to ask what type of pole the dance school uses. There are two types of pole - a static pole and a spinning pole. It's easier to use a spinning pole but most teachers prefer to teach on a static pole as although it's slightly more difficult you are then able to dance using both types. Some teachers will have a pole that can be changed from static to spinning by releasing a bolt.

Obviously, if you're a bit of an extrovert and find you have a natural talent for pole dancing you can always get a job as a professional pole dancer and every year there's a national UK competition with regional heats for both amateur and professional pole dancers.

Please remember that this form of exercise is perfect for both men and women.

If all this sounds like hard work don't worry it isn't, Pole dancing is done to great music and everyone has a fantastic time.

Pole dancing really is a great way to lose weight and tone up!

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