Much is made of the power of positive thinking by adherents, only to be equaled in a fervour by detractors. However, the latter group lacks merely the framework that they could be used to make positivity work for them.

If you want to brighten your life in the present and future, adopt the following life hacks and watch as they improve every facet of your existence.

•Keep a gratitude journal

The power of positive thoughts can only be realized when they are granted space in a fertile mind. The best way to train your brain, so these beneficial thoughts become dominant is to maintain a daily gratitude journal.

By writing down at least three things daily for which you are truly grateful, you take the focus away from the myriad of negative thoughts currently polluting your mind, which disempowers them.

Once you realize you have a roof over your head which keeps you dry, a steady income which puts food on the table, and friends/ family who stick by you through thick and thin, rush hour traffic and office politics will fade into nothingness by comparison.

•Engage in visualization

Positive thinking doesn’t just help find the happiness which dwells within you. It can also help to shape an exciting and abundant future for yourself.

To do this, though, your subconscious mind needs a blueprint. Visualisation is the daily practice which assembles this plan, creating a virtual construct of your desired future. There are athletes in every sport who use visualization to envision movements they wish to learn, and the championship trophy they wish to lift.

With a schematic to follow, football moves are quickly learned, and vivid dreams of an epic celebration become the fuel that powers them through the obstacles which stand between them and their goal. In the same way, you can imagine in your mind being a better salesperson, and earning spending and investing the commissions you’ll
make after achieving massive success.

•State your intentions to the Universe

While crafting mental plans for the future is all well and good, you’ll need to get your subconscious mind on board if you hope to achieve them. Set in the ways which have created the person you are now, it will often require a hard reboot to get with the program.

As daft as it sounds, stating affirmations out loud upon rising each morning and before retiring to bed in the evening is an effective way of getting the job done. While your inner thoughts will resist these statements (e.g., I am an expert at closing deals) at first, in time, you will begin to notice results in resonance with your proclamations.

Noticing evidence which goes against its current programming, your subconscious will begin to change its inner belief system, and will dutifully begin to radiate this new reality out into the Universe.

Soon, this will grant rewards in line with your statements (e.g., increased commissions, promotions, etc.), making your ‘weird’ incantations worth the odd looks you’ll initially get from your partner, kids, or pet cat.

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Kobe Parker is free writer and blogger in different niches such as lifestyle, health issues, fashion and gadget trends, and even business and finance concerns. He enjoys writing since this is his way of stressing out himself.