Blueprints, which are one of the most important element in designing or reproducing any type of creative work. To execute any plan we need to set our strategy towards it so that we can have a clear view of our requirements in any given projects or plans. In that case, blueprints can play a pivotal role in regenerating the technical aspects of goal. We can use the same technique by the use of sun and two chemical compounds known to be ferric ammonium and ferric cyanide in order to develop a white and blue designs on the paper. There are certain steps or we can call it a set of instruction in doing that. They should be clearly known and reflect in our application.

The first thing to do in its preparation can be pouring the right amount of warm distilled water into it which should be exactly eight ounce. It should be poured into the measuring cup and kept aside. After this we need to account the potassium ferric cyanide in which we need to measure one-half ounce of chemical compound potassium ferric cyanide and pour it inside slowly into the cups. We should put the cup on scale and check its weight if the weight is limited then we can add more chemical into it. While pouring it you should do it at a slow pace and continuously stir it until the chemicals in it get completely dissolved. Again, after this you need to weight one ounce of potassium ferric cyanide. Open the bottle containing ferric ammonium citrate and pour it into the remaining cups maintaining the slow pace. Check for the scale just after pouring it and if it is not sufficient then pour more chemical into it. Now, we are done with measuring the chemicals after which we need to add ferric ammonium cyanide with potassium ferric cyanide in the measuring cup and try to stir it properly so that the chemicals get dissolves completely and there is a good quality of mixture of the both. The last step in its preparation would be cleaning the workspace and the other elements which were in contact with the blue print solution. They are not easily visible but after hours you will see stains as a reaction of the solution.

After knowing the steps to be followed in the preparation of solution, we need to keep some of the things in our mind before doing this. We should not involve any of the metal containers in our process because they react with the chemicals we used in our preparation process. Be far from direct sunlight because in the presence of light the chemicals can get reacted without your knowledge. Avoid acid contact to the chemicals because they will also get react with it vigorously. The most important thing for your own safety is that you should wear mask to be protected from inhaling the chemicals into your lungs which can make you sick.

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