It is critical that candidates understand the proper approach for the IAS prelims exam since this greatly increases their chances of passing the IAS main exam. Many candidates have been noted to apply for UPSC without having any back ground history regarding the examination thus leading for major difficulties related to the examination. It is vital to know that candidates must first be fully competent for IAS Prelims Exam before attempting to apply for IAS main exams.

Booking examinations dates prior to assessing your capability could easy lead to failing the UPSC something many candidates experience and could be avoided.
Begin by doing research in to the UPSC in general to determine major factors related to the IAS Prelims Exam and IAS main exams. Understanding what one is up against plays a vital role towards success and it is important one consider learning the requirement before indulging in the UPSC. Time also plays a vital factor in the preparation process since one need to identify how much time is required for the training and practice. This is not as easy as 1-2-3 since you need to determine your current level and access yourself 2 weeks later to calculate the progress made in the 2 weeks.

The percentage progressed must than be divided by 2 to determine an average percentage progress that could be achieved over a fortnight. This technique would provide you with a number of weeks relatively close to what you need to consider only for the preparation period. Never consider apply and conferring dates before this has been established since this only applies more pressure on the IAS Prelims Exam candidates. The IAS main exam dates should only be confirmed after the candidate has studies for no less than 3-6 months and is confident. The UPSC dates should also be booked 3 months after the candidates confirm they are confident to sit for the IAS Prelims Exam or IAS main exam.

Preparation should always be place ahead of any examination and not only the UPSC since it plays the biggest role towards passing the IAS Prelims Exam and IAS mains exam. Time should be generously allotted towards the preparation since any new subject or field requires a person to dedicate time towards the preparation. Taking this approach for the IAS Prelims Exam and IAS main exam will greatly increase the chances of being recruited by the UPSC on the very first exam attended.

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