Commercial refrigerators are mainly used in hotels and restaurants due to their frequent use and high storage capacity. Commercial fridge mechanism is heavy-duty and provides long years of warranty. (For at least 10 years). The mechanism in a commercial fridge is engineered in a way that it can withstand the rigorous usage. But despite having a warranty, the commercial refrigerators can have the necessity of repairing or checking from the professional team. As these kinds of fridges are mainly being used in the food industry or catering service, so many people use it at times. It is not possible to tell everyone to take care of it and handling it with care. So, sometimes, it is obvious that some basic repairing will require in the fridge.

Be prepared before calling a fridge repairing service and don’t settle for less and sort things up when they are in your place:

Make a schedule and be prepared:

Make a schedule before you call the service. Keep the fridge empty and clean the outside and inside. If you stuff items in the fridge then the servicing team won’t be able to inspect the inside of the fridge. Make sure you don’t book other appointments at that time. As being present with the servicing team at that time will help you understand the problems better. Ask them about maintenance tips.

Have a notion of what are the possible problems that can happen with your commercial refrigerator:

Take the advantage of having a professional team of fridge repairing from Camperdown with you. Get knowledge of what are the possible problems a commercial fridge can possess. Such as:

  • Power issue:

Are you facing a situation where all the items in the freezer are not cooling up no matter how much time you give? It can happen if the power cord is not properly plugged in. Also, professionals check the unit of the condenser if there is any power issue with the ventilator unit. They check the wiring and outlet of a commercial fridge.

  • Lighting issue: Lighting problem inside the fridge may happen. It is an issue that needs the help of repairing service. 

Having a notion about the repairing issues will give you the scope of dealing with it.

Drain the ice pan beforehand:

Once the professional servicing workers come, you cannot use the fridge. Many fridge repairing companies in Penrith inform in advance to their customer to drain the ice in fried before they start working on it. Ice can clog the unit and become an obstruction in checking the freezer.

Prepare your warranty card:

If you are under the warranty period, then you must have the warranty cards. You should handover the warranty official paperwork to the servicing team as they will check on your tenure and what kind of problems you have faced before with your commercial fridge.


When you are already getting assistance from the professional team, you can enquire them about if you need replacement in the near future. First, ask the servicing team about the cost of repairing and then start with the repairing work for your commercial fridge.

Don’t forget to call repairing team frequently for your commercial purpose, it will give you benefit in long run.

Author's Bio: 

Using fridge for household purpose and commercial purpose is different as per the author’s say. Fridge repairing companies in Ash field face more issues with commercial repairing than household fridge repairing as per the author’s view. The author also recommends to keep a check on the fridge time and again.