A-level Physics is regarded as one of the toughest A-levels out there. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the complexity of the content, difficulty of mathematic questions and practical element. In order to get an A* in A-level Physics, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.
If you want to score well in A-Level physics, practice past papers and join the tuitions of an experienced teacher offering classes of A level physics online. Here are some of the things you should follow to get an A* in A-level Physics.
1. Practice Past Papers
If you want to get the best grades in A-level Physics, you shouldn’t ignore past papers and complete every past A-level physics paper you can find.
You should know that the specimen questions and old A-level question can vary from the current exams, but the actual physics does not change, so they are still worth practising.

One of the best ways to stay organized when doing past papers is to make a list of every paper you can find and as you do each, tick it off. Also, by redoing papers, you can see how your grade improves and if there are areas for you lack in.

Avoid the mark scheme when doing past papers. In the early stages of learning a topic, you must try to attempt every question.

2. Use the Specification and Examiners’ Report
These are two important documents for A-level Physics.

Examiners' report, a document, comes with every past paper, each question and student’s answer is explained by the examiner, and it highlights common mistakes. By reading these, you will not make the same mistake as many other students.

Each exam board’s specification breaks down the course content and tells you what you require to know to learn. To make sure you cover every part of the course and prevent from missing out on any vital content, use these as a revision checklist.

3. Use a Variety of Resources
Relying only on textbooks won't help you to reach the top grades, so using a variety of resources is crucial.

You can also buy an additional revision guide to supplement your textbook. Although revision guides can be useful, don't rely on them for the bulk of your revision as they don't have enough depth.

Out of all the resources available, the most valuable is probably your physics teacher. Today, many students are taking the online physics course from an experienced tuition teacher. Teachers have a wealth of knowledge and can prepare you well for the exam.

4. Improve Your Maths Skills
The Success in A-level Physics is highly linked to your ability to handle maths related questions. Firstly, buy a Maths revision guide; it can help you with an easy topic, show the steps for each calculation and provide a lot of practice question.

The best way to improve your maths skills is to practice. By working through past paper, you will be able to tackle a lot of maths question. Learn the methods, and make sure you become good at problem-solving and know where the marks come from.

So, by practising the past papers, using the specification and examiners' report, and using a variety of resources, you will be able to strengthen your knowledge and score well in A-level physics.

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