With economic conditions like they are, most of the people ask about how to move at the lowest cost. So we have compiled this short Article Post to help you out.


Get your packing materials, like boxes, Styrofoam peanuts, wrapping paper (old newspaper is OK), shrink wrap, bubble wrap and tape. Find a place where you can buy wholesale, and get stuff for free like boxes at the grocery store or liquor store. Do your own packing. Don’t pack clothes; leave them in the dresser and shrink wrap the dresser.

Use your protective packing material, like shrink wrap and bubble wrap to protect items from scratches. Pack one room at a time; label your boxes so that unloading can go quickly and easily without needing lots of questions. Count your boxes so we can give you an accurate estimate of time to move. Use wardrobe boxes for large items like lamps, stereos etc. This way, the boxes can be packed quickly and no extra labor will be required to pack the truck (assemble the puzzle). Wrap your breakables well.


Take your beds, baby crib, entertainment center, washer dryer apart/disconnected. Take the mirrors off your dressers. We have an hourly rate, so any work you do yourself saves you money.

Move Some Stuff Yourself

Some people like to move some items themselves, like clothes, dishes, pictures, CDs, small plants, small mirrors, food supplies, jewelry, any personal items you would feel better about controlling yourself. Use the movers for larger, heavier, bulkier items that they are experts at and have the muscle for. If you do your personal items first, a morning or day ahead of the big move, this will free you up to answer questions and maximize your Removals team.

If you would like to know more about safe and reliable relocation, you can click here to remember important things when you moving to a new place.

If you follow traditional lines of thinking, selecting your mover is a science. This thinking identifies a plan that can be reduced to tasks and simply carried out. For example, all the big companies say, make sure you get three bids. That’s because they value their elaborate bid process more than the actual move. And we all know that bids have all sorts of caveats that provide the mover with the right to charge extras.

Another example is the recommendation that you check the Department of Transportation for legitimacy of the operation. This scientific approach results in the amazing statistic that over 27% of all moving vans with a man and trailers in operation in the Australia failed their inspections the first time.

The point is that you can’t select a mover scientifically. You have to talk with the people that actually will do the move, not some salesman or office person who makes up quotes. When you deal with Tovey Movers - A professional removalists company in Melbourne, you get either receipt on your Movers Melbourne crew. That’s right, the owners and founders are the “doers” as well. Who better to represent the business than the owners?

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