Bank jobs are the much looked forward to in the present scenario. It’s time when people do not want to get stick with their insecure jobs and want to step forward wherein not only their career is secure but they also earn a handsome package monthly without getting work pressure. Getting a banking job might not be as tough as it is considered but there are a few important aspects that are overlooked. Students aspiring to make a career in the government sector should be well aware of the competitive examinations that are conducted to test the eligibility and academic strength of the candidate. These competitive examinations are designed in a range of medium to difficult depending upon the recruitment taking place.

CWE test conducted by IBPS is the common entrance exam conducted by public sector banks except SBI for the recruitment of staff in different cadres. The exam has a total of 250 questions that the candidate is supposed to attempt in the given 150 minutes of time period. For the candidate appearing, it is very important to know what type of questions might come in the test and how the preparation should be done to score well and secure themselves a position in the government sector. General knowledge is a very important section of bank exams. This is a section where students can score very high and overall make it a record. On the other hand, current affairs are also an integral part of the bank exams. They constitute almost 95 % of general knowledge paper.

The applicants can easily solve 80-90% of these questions in about 10-12 minutes of time period on an average provided only in case when you prepare well and have good understanding of general knowledge quiz and how general knowledge questions might be put for them to be answered. These general knowledge questions mainly comprise of current finance and economy, geographical, social and cultural aspects at both national and international level. The candidates might be asked anything ranging from present chairman of RBI to the amount of business any famous financial institution made in the previous year and so on. The solution to this is simple, be Updated and ensure that you are well connected to the latest happenings across the world after all this is all going to help you out make out a successful career in the government sector.

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