Appearing for any competitive examination is no less than preparing for your final year examination. To be eligible and off course score good in the competitive tests, it is important for a candidate to prepare very well which can only be possible when he/she knows the correct exam syllabus, pattern and format. Moreover, the adequate time management and coaching can also do wonders to the entire preparation. Students should be prepared for the challenges and tough questions that may be put in the test because these competitive exams are arranged to test the ability and general awareness of the candidates. Today, there are tons of study resources that effectively work to provide you an equal amount of enjoyment and learning. All that is required is what method of studying will suit us the best. IAS is the most common yet the toughest competitive exam conducted by the union public service commission (UPSC). IAS is further divided into three stages-preliminary, mains and interview.

The IAS prelims have recently changed as there used to be 23 optional subjects along with the general studies paper but as of now there will be no optional subjects in the preliminary examination. There will be a second paper, common for all candidates (CSAT) covering aptitude, general mathematics, comprehensive English, social studies etc. Civil services examination is conducted to choose suitable administrators. It tests the candidate right from the very first stage of prelims. Therefore, it is always advised to do well with the prelims so that you can hold on with the mains and interview. To succeed in your test, it is very important for a candidate to know what the exam actually comprises of. Basically, the IAS prelims consists of 2 papers common to all and carries negative penalty of 1/3rd marks for each incorrect answer.

The number of questions in paper 1 and 2 are not fixed and can vary from year to year depending upon the changes done yearly. The times duration of 2 hours and the 200 marks each for paper 1 and paper 2 are off course fixed and might not be changed for at least the upcoming years. When it comes to do the correct preparation, it is commonly advised to consider planning which is imperative when you decide to appear for prelims. Work on the different topics that are to appear in the test for your preparation to be the best. Students can either take training form an institute preparing students for a career as an IAS or can simply gather effective resources and prepare wisely at home as well depending upon what suits them the best.

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