Do you know over 1 million students attempt NEET exam every year, competing with one another for over 1 Lakh seats in various dental and medical colleges in India? It says more about the type of competition which medical aspirants need to undergo as they start preparing for NEET. Here, you are going to learn about a proper study program and tips on preparing for NEET 2019 from now on.

In NEET exam, level of competition is the way too high, as you know. So, you should prepare well in advance to make way to a seat in among the top medical colleges in India. There are more than 15000 concepts in NEET syllabus to prepare for. Your study plan should be well prepared. These tips will help you narrow down your choices and prepare for NEET 2019.

You need a proper study planner to prepare for NEET 2019 or timetable for the exam. These tips will help you prepare without coaching for the exam in an efficient and planned way.

Realistic Timetable

First of all, you have to create a fixed timetable to stay focused and ahead on your goal during NEET exam preparation. Since you need to finish NEET syllabus of two years in one years, you should have fully structured and well-planned timetable to organize preparation to prepare for the exam in one year itself. You need to strictly go through the timetable. You should also stay open to modify the timetable.

Start from the very beginning

You should have complete knowhow of all the concepts of NEET syllabus in order to have complete understanding about preparing for NEET 2019 in a year. Once you finish your studies, you can focus on important chapters in NEET exam. You can find all the study materials and lectures for all concepts in NEET syllabus. You can easily find the relevant topics to learn them in advance and save time.

Regular Practice

For your NEET preparation, practicing regularly is the key or you will never know if you have learned anything. You can seek NEET practice papers which has a lot of questions asked in last years’ papers. You can find questions from the best NEET books with solutions.

Take Complete Mock Tests

Build your confidence and stamina by taking tests regularly. When it comes to take mock tests, you can get hands-on experience with test analysis which is created followed by every test. You can improve your score from one test to another so you can improve yourself while taking tests.

Proper revision

You should get back and revise regularly even though you have mastered a specific concept, topic, subject or chapter. It is very important revise for your preparation. Online preparation helps you manage and search for notes and study materials.

You have to assess your performance while taking tests and you should figure out where you are weak. You should identify your mistakes and weaknesses and use a roadmap to score higher. Study materials will help you in preparation of NEET preparation.

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