If you are anticipating a divorce, then the first step would be to set up a face to face consultation with a competent divorce attorney. This consultation will help you to talk about personal circumstances and figure out all options that can be exercised to accomplish the case. To make the most out of the consultation, it is important to be well prepared. Below are mentioned a few steps that will make you ready for a primary divorce consultation:

Get knowledge of the various options to get divorced

When you are in the process to prepare for the initial divorce consultation, it is required to take a good amount of time to get knowledge about mediation, negotiation, and collaborative divorce. On getting a clear understanding of the available options, you will be in a better state to form the best strategy for the execution of your divorce case.

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Understand all those issues that need resolution during the divorce

Along with understanding the ways to resolve the divorce issues, it is beneficial to ensure that you are clear on the issues that are responsible behind the divorce. Some of these issues can be:

  1. Property Division
  2. Child Support
  3. Child Custody
  4. Alimony

Be clear on monetary and real estate records

To take your divorce proceedings forward, you need to ensure that you as well your attorney have a clear-cut picture of the number and types of the sources of income and assets that are subjected to division. This analysis will be beneficial to compile family’s property and financial records before going for an initial consultation. This knowledge will be beneficial to provide the attorney with hard copies of:

  1. Retirement, bank, investment account statements
  2. Property titles and deeds 
  3. Family business records
  4. An inventory comprising of assets that do not bear any title such as collections, furniture, and jewelry
  5. A list of items owned by you as well your spouse prior to the marriage
  6. Your postnuptial and prenuptial agreement 

Try to find out your expectations from the divorce procedure

Compromise is always involved in the divorce procedure. To prevent going to court, it is essential that you as well as your spouse agree on how will the marital assets be divided. You will be required to agree on the T&C of the custody arrangement, and alimony to ensure that they are mutually-satisfactory.


An initial consultation holds a lot of significance in the execution of the case. To make it effective and beneficial, all the above tips will definitely prove to be helpful. 

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