When it comes to your workout routine, proper preparation can be the deciding factor of just how effective your exercise will be. You need to make sure that you are prepared mentally, physically, have the right gear and have consumed the right foods among other factors which will determine the effectiveness of your routine.
To help you, I will be providing you with a short checklist of things you can do to prepare yourself for a high performance of workout.

A good night´s rest
On the night before the day of your workout, ensure that you get a full eight hour night´s rest. You want to ensure that your body has been able to recharge and is energized before exercising.

A Plan
It is always a good idea to have a workout plan before beginning your exercise whether it is at the gym or any other type of exercise you may be doing. The aim is to have it clear in your mind what you intend to accomplish before the actual workout session. You do not want to go at the gym and then have to waste time deciding whether you should do arms, legs or cardio.
When I am going to have a workout, I would plan details of what part of the body I would be working on (chest, leg, back, shoulder etc.), then I would outline the specific exercises I would be doing to work on these body parts. Trust me; doing this is more efficient as it helps you to have a clear picture of what is to be done during your workout session.

Prior to your workout, you also need to ensure that you consume the right foods which will help to boost your performance during exercise. Depending on what type of exercise you will be doing, you will need to choose the nutrition that best suits your needs. When I am going to have a workout where I would be lifting weights, I would make a special effort to consume foods high in protein during the day and a protein shake thirty minutes before the actual workout.

Easy to overlook is the fact that you need to ensure you are wearing the right clothing during exercise. Wear sports clothing that are specifically designed for the purpose of working out and stay away from tight fitting clothes such as jeans when exercising. Also, you should always wear a pair of sneakers when working out to protect your toes especially when at the gym.

There are times when exercising can be quite a tedious task, and motivation can be the difference between a high performance workout session and one that is pale or lacking. To keep yourself motivated before and during your exercise, you can take your ipod with you and listen to music which inspires you or gets you pumped up. Many times listening to the right song while exercising has helped me to go the extra mile and see better performance and results.

Start using any or all of these tips which I described that will help you to be prepared for your workout sessions and I am sure that you will notice how easier and more effective your routine will start to become.

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Paul Munroe is an online blogger and biking enthusiast. He likes to spend his time biking and sharing his experience with others who are interested in this activity.
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