Craving for some traditional vada? We all have those days when all we want is a nice, crispy golden brown vada. Only, you need to grind your own batter. Preparing the south Indian style of vada is not as easy as that. It requires a certain amount of proficiency and experience.

In today’s hectic times, nobody has the time to prepare the batter. That’s why more people have turn to instant vada batter to cook some tasty vada. The problem is that most brands of instant vada batter lack consistency. To make sure you get a vada that is good, the ingredients need to be procured from the freshest sources and need to be free of preservatives.

iD Fresh Instant Vada batter comes with a squeeze easy bottle that lets you make delicious vada just like that. The batter contains ingredients made from the freshest raw materials sourced from the healthiest of distributors. This means that you never have to worry about how your vada tastes ever again and you can easily make some instant food anytime you want.


Whip up a quick and fresh snack easily. The same taste and the same recipe, but the method gets more fun. Keep your hands clean, and your stomachs happy with these easy to make traditional and natural vadas from iD Fresh Food

Slide the cutter upwards and rotate the nozzle to open it.

Squeeze gently, until the batter forms the perfect-sized ring.

Slide the cutter downwards to make one vada. Wipe off excess batter before making the next vada.

In a wok of hot oil, fry the vadas until golden brown and crisp.

Remove from oil and allow excess oil to drain.

Serve hot with your favourite accompaniments.

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