Finding the best long distance moving companies for your move that meet your needs take time and patience. This is why you need to get multiple free moving quotes from various moving companies, compare them thoroughly and ask the shortlisted ones to visit your home for inspection of your belongings and provide you with accurate binding quotes. Following three things you need to do before the moving company representatives arrive for the inspection and interview.

Research to find the best long distance moving companies

After receiving all the free moving company quotes, you need to start your research which will help you short down your list of movers to be considered and whom you can ask for an in-home survey and a much accurate binding estimate. To begin your research, you should start checking whether the moving companies are licensed or not. You can do this by locating the long-distance mover's license number which is issued by the U.S Department of Transportation. You can find this number on the moving company's website and upon entering it on U.S DOT's system, you will be able to find their complaint history. You will also be able to find various services offered by movers on their respective websites.

Another simple way of accomplishing this research is by checking Moversfolder directory. This directory contains all information about the movers like their license number, company profile, services offered by them and even customers' reviews. Instead of visiting multiple websites and spending hours doing research to find the best long distance moving companies, visit Moversfolder and get instant moving company quotes without any obligation from your side and all other required information in one place.

Weed out the Spammers

While doing your research, you also need to weed out all the rogue movers. You sure don't want to waste your time by interviewing a mover who doesn't even have proper licenses and insurance. Another simple way of spotting them is by finding moving quotes with extremely low estimates, since these unethical movers try to tempt you with low prices, only to send you shockingly high bills later. You can also find them by checking customer reviews on various websites online. If some of them filter through your basic research, don't worry you can still weed them out. These movers generally insist on phone estimates and refuse to provide you with a binding estimate. Their unprofessional behavior should also be a red flag when it comes to finding rogue movers.

Have your questions ready for the interview

Before the moving company representative arrives for the interview, make sure you have all the questions ready which are important pertaining to your move. If your move has few challenges like stairways, elevators or certain parking restrictions, then ask your movers how will they deal with them. You also need to ask whether they have a skilled crew or if they have subcontractors. If you are moving any special item like piano or antique, ask the movers if they have any experience handling such items. Don't forget to ask about liability coverage options such as full value protection to cover your belongings. In terms of moving costs, you can ask if you can get any discounts or if you can benefit from any marketing promotion going on. Lastly, learn from them about their cancellation policy and payment requirements.

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