When it comes to food, it’s safe to say that nothing can beat the popularity of idly. It can almost be considered as the unanimous choice of food by families all over India. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s a safe bet that a lot of people will be having idly or have idly batter ready at home. This dish is so synonymous with our diet that it’s almost impossible to think about going a week without having it. That’s why nearly every home in India is almost always stocked with idly-dosa batter in their fridge or buy idly batter online.

What if you don’t have a fridge? What if the power goes out? If you live in an area where there are frequent blackouts, then chances are that you’ve already faced this problem before. In the event that power goes out or your fridge malfunctions, it’s not always possible to keep your idly-dosa batter fresh. This means that your batter can get spoilt in the short time that the power goes out. When that happens, you won’t be able to cook dosa or idly. The instant idly batter you purchased would then go to waste. When you face such a circumstance, what is the best way to make sure that your batter doesn’t get spoilt?

Here are a few things that you can try:

Add salt: Salt addition to the batter can be done immediately after grinding, or after fermenting the batter. This helps keep the batter fresh and also aids in fermentation. It helps give better consistency to the batter and makes sure that the fermentation process is much better.
Keep the batter in a cool pot: You can also keep the batter in a large pot. Make sure that the pot is in a larger container that is filled with water. Wrap the pot with a wet cloth, ensuring that part of the cloth is dipping in the water. Cover the pot with a plate with water.

There’s also an easy way to make sure that your batter is fresh. Just use iD Fresh Idly & Dosa Batter. It is sourced from the healthiest ingredients and comes through very stringent checks. Due to the natural ingredients in the batter, it will last you a whole week. This means that you don’t have to worry about the condition of your batter and every time you feel the need to make some delicious idly or dosa, it’s so easy. Buy idly & dosa batter from iD Fresh.

Here’s how you can use iD Fresh Idly & Dosa batter:

Wash the pack before you use the batter.

Cut open the pack and add salt if required. The batter is only mildly salted.

If you are making idlies, directly scoop the batter out and pour it into the idly steamer. Stir the batter before pouring it into the moulds of the idly steamer for the softest idlies.

If you are making dosas, add some water to dilute the batter. After dilution, the batter can no longer be used to make idlies.

To make the perfect dosa, stir the batter before pouring it out on the pan and spreading it.

Serve hot with an accompaniment of your choice.

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