Malware is often found in the form of malicious software that gets installed on your PC either knowingly or unknowingly. Such software are developed with a motive to rob information from the user and also dupe innocent users through scams to fleece their hard earned money. Previously malware was considered a serious problem only for Windows-based PCs but now they have also started targeting Macs. The incidents of malware infections are on a constant rise and affecting both PCs as well as mobile devices. The most common malware are the Trojans, spyware, adware, botnets, backdoor, rootkits, Zombies, key-loggers and worms.

Malware often gets into the target PC in the guise of software that comes for free. This is also referred to as freeware. Download manager and file sharing applications for such software come along with the malware. HTML attachments, the active x control and malicious websites are some of the other ways by which these reach our systems.

Once the software gets installed on the system it starts causing harm to the data and computer settings quickly. The extent of damage depends upon the coding of the software. Some of the malware are so dangerous that that they don’t even let any option for uninstallation. The damage to the PC is such that the user needs to do re-imaging of the computer. In such a scenario there is a strong possibility that you would lose your vital data stored on the PC.

Understanding the symptoms of malware infection is very important because it prompts you to disinfect the system. It necessitates checks for the malicious software and also scans the PC. The most common symptom of a malware infection is when your PC starts taking very long to startup. It starts taking more time than usual for the startup and the performance also dips to a great extent. Moreover, the browser also starts behaving strangely. The home page would change into a different site without any input from the user. If the web pages start adding themselves to the favorite list of the user, the browser closes without any warning, and you see additional toolbars on the browser, then there is a strong possibility of malware infection.

Removing malware from the infected PC is not a simple task and requires in-depth technical expertise. If not conducted in an appropriate manner it can cause severe damage to the PC as well as the data stored thereon. Installation of antivirus software and firewall is not enough to protect your system from malware rather you also need to take some other measures to safeguard your system from malware attack.

You should essentially implement the preventive measures if you want your system to be protected from malware. For example, you must update the antivirus program regularly so that your PC is protected all the time. It should always have the firewall protection and security patches issued by OS manufacturer.

In order to prevent malware infections you need to practice the risk management tactics in which you should never allow suspicious applications and install only safe applications on the system. Data protection is another measure to prevent malware infections through which you mitigate the possibility of data loss.

Moreover, there are several checks and verifications using which you can prevent majority of the malware infections. By practicing or implementing risk management, defensive browsing, privacy and intelligent use of the Internet you can easily prevent around 99% of the malware attacks. These are very effective in preventing malware if applied collectively.

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