You never really openly declared your hatred against each other. Actually, there's no yelling and screaming matches, no swear words or hair-pulling going on. Nope, in fact, it's the opposite--it's just quiet. You just feel that gradually, you tend to grow apart, no more intimacy or bonding moments, joy is gone. It's called the relationship drift. You won't feel it all at once. It happens little by little, but when relationship drift attacks, it may be difficult to cure once it spreads. You just know it when you feel that you already take for granted your partner, your friends, your family, and some of the people close to your heart.

You don't care about them anymore--you become cold, aloof and distant.

What are your excuses for not connecting with your loved ones? The lack of time perhaps? There are bills to be paid, household chores to finish, errands to do. But if you can't diagnose it early, then don't give up! Stop relationship drift before it stops you and your friendly networks.

So, what do you do to prevent relationship drift to ruin your friendships and relationships?
Bonding constantly and consistently may I say is the only solution to prevent relationship drift from wreaking havoc into your social life. Take note that your job won't take care of you when you get sick. You're health and your relationships are much more important. That's why you have to nurture all your friendships and take care of your relationships well.

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