Just until a few years ago, under eye wrinkles or commonly known as crow's feet were considered a byproduct of ageing, however today even science has confirmed that is not only a result of passing years but certain other factors such as free radical damage, constantly increasing stress and intake of chemicals (especially in the urban population) that eventually lead to skin damage.

The fact remains that we are eating, drinking and breathing chemicals today; be it in the form of polluted air, the junk food or almost everything we eat with preservatives and other chemicals in it, because of which, not only can we encounter eye wrinkles but other skin conditions as well at a comparatively early age.

Simple Steps to Prevent Under Eye Wrinkles

As they say, prevention is always better than cure, well, eye wrinkles can be cured as well, but not hundred percent, so it is always a good idea to delay the inevitable for as long as you can. There are certain things that you can keep in mind and follow religiously to prevent eye wrinkles from appearing at an early age.

Always keep the under eye area covered when going out in the sun (especially for avid tanners) with help of sunglasses. Try to avoid squinting or crumpling your eyes, as much as possible.

Make sure that your posture while sleeping is correct and doesn't put unwanted pressure from pillows on the eyes.

While cleansing your face, always use soft material such as special cotton buds around the eyes and do not rub your eyes with fingers. If you ever experience any sort of discomfort in the eyes, it is better to splash cold water and then dab it softly instead of rubbing.

Try to refrain from using beauty products which contain certain materials such as paraffin or petroleum wax and mineral oils as they block the pores around the eyes.

Aging, is where a human suffers some event where maturity leads to declining of cells. This process leads to physical change. A change where people do want to stop/halt or rid. But this cannot be outdone. But youthful look can be prolonged. The most important of all is the way we take in our foods. Internal factors in our system has a key link towards aging as well. A balanced diet, exercise, regular sleeping hour' routine and waking early is the number one key to combating aging problem. There is no such thing as "fountain of youth", this is mythical no medical proof to claim its validity or existence.

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