Some people think that dings, dents and scratches are part of owning and driving a car, but there are ways to protect your vehicle. Here are some ways to prevent unnecessary damage, and keep your car looking newer, for longer.

  1. Keep your car in a garage, if you have one. A neat, orderly garage is the safest place to park your car; if yours is full of clutter, there’s always the possibility of something falling and causing damage.
  2. If you can’t park your car in a garage, cover it. A good car cover can protect your vehicle from weather damage and door dings.
  3. When in parking lots, park as far away from other vehicles as you can. It may be tempting to take that spot right by the exit, but that also raises the chance that a careless driver will dent your car when opening their door or backing out of a parking space.
  4. When attending sporting events like baseball games, park away from the field. Most people don’t think about it, but a stray foul ball can cause a lot of damage.
  5. When possible, choose a slanted parking spot; they’re easier to get into and out of, and their configuration keeps others from accidentally hitting your car and necessitating complex welding processes.
  6. If you live in a cold climate, be careful when removing snow, especially if your car is buried. Avoid getting too close to your car with the snow shovel; once you’ve gotten rid of most of it, use a brush or a gloved hand to remove the rest.
  7. Before getting into your car, look behind it for any obstructions. Dents and dings happen when people back up after forgetting about those low-lying objects, such as parking poles and curbs.
  8. Install door bumpers on your garage walls. These bumpers prevent damage to both your car doors and garage. There are also magnetic bumpers that attach to your vehicle; Door Shox and Doordefender are two brands that come to mind.
  9. Park near well-maintained cars. The philosophy behind this piece of advice is that if a car near you is well-kept, its owner is looking to keep it that way, and will be more careful when backing out or opening their door.
  10. When on the road, drive defensively. Pay attention to what other motorists are doing, and plan your driving around it. Don’t tailgate, and don’t drive in someone else’s blind spot.
    There are always going to be circumstances beyond our control, but they don’t have to apply to your vehicle. Following the tips above will minimize the chance of damage to your car, and you won’t need to shell out money for expensive repairs by welders and auto body repair specialists.
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