Your roof is one of the most important things you have. It keeps the cold wind and wetness out of your home. It protects your home. It's one item that is overlooked until there is a problem. Once a problem occurs, you want to get it taken care of as quickly as possible so it does not become a larger issue. There are things you can do regularly to help prevent repairs. This will help your roof to live a long and healthy life. Keep reading to find out how Roof and Render recommends maintaining your roof.

Start before it starts

If you are purchasing a home, make sure one of the main items you look at is the roof. Get a full assessment from a professional. This will help you to know exactly what phase the roof is in and what maintenance will be required moving forward. It will also help you know when you finally decide to sell your home what to tell the future homeowners. It's not a huge red flag to not purchase a home if the roof needs work, it's just good to know so you can start preparing for the home improvements before they are needed. It can also be an item you bring up to the seller to bring the cost down if the roof is not in great condition.

So, the first step is to know exactly what condition your roof is in.


Trees can be the enemy of your roof. Look outside your home and what the landscape looks like. Are there any branches that are on your roof. Perhaps an old tree has not been maintained in a while and is dropping items onto your roof. This needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible. These trees can easily cause damage to your roof. It can puncture holes. Remove any branches that get close to your roof. Remember, the wind will move trees dramatically. On a windy day, go outside and see if any branches are hitting into your roof. You may not even realize they are reaching that far once the wind hits.


Not only branches can cause damage to your roof. If there are leaves and other items around, your gutter system can end up getting clogged. This will create a backup in your attic and more. In the moment, you may not know what's going on with your system, however, it was a simply drainage issue that could have been prevented. This is why we recommend going onto your roof (or having a professional go) and unclogging your gutters and drains. Look for debris and take it out. At this time, you can also look for anything that looks unusual and needs to be repaired.


Insulation is so important for proper airflow to your home. This is what helps your home stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Make sure that you have an area for air to flow and insulation to be. This will also stop moisture from entering the attic.

After storm

After a storm, your roof may have got the majority of the hits. Go up into the attic and look for any water stains. You can also verify the shingles are in good condition and none need to be replaced. This helps you replace anything that could end up being a much larger issue.


It may sound silly, but you need to notice any differences in color in your roof. Some colors will show differently. One of the reasons is because part of your home may be exposed to more or less sun. This can cause leaks in your roof, mold, fungus, and much more. This can be treated if you notice quickly, however, if you are not looking at your roof and maintaining it correctly you may not notice the color differences and the mold can end up being a much larger issue and health issue. Always check for color.

Shingle damage

Shingle damage is an easy item to check for and can save you a lot of time and money in the future. If they are damaged, they are also very easy to change. In times of a storm or water damage, a single may need to be replaced. Also, your roof may be under warranty if you got it worked on recently. It's always a good idea to check for that.


There are many repairs that can be completely yourself. If you notice your roof is having issues, make sure to try and find the root cause of the issue. Figure out if it needs to be repaired, replaced, and exactly where it is coming from. You can search the internet for the exact issue. If you are not able to figure it out, this will at least help you tell a repair company what you have investigated so far which can save them time and your money.

Calling an expert

If you do notice something going wrong, it's important that you call an expert so the problem does not get any worse. This is all part of the maintenance process. Make sure you ask a friend or family member for a reliable roofing contractor. You can also go online and look at reviews. Don't simply call the first one you see or the cheapest. Your roof is an investment and one you want to last you a long time.

We hope you learned how to maintain a roof correctly. Even simply looking at it and trying to find any changes 2 times per year will really help and help your roof last longer. For more roofing tips, contact us today!

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